Khloé Kardashian Official App

Khloé Kardashian Official App

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Score: 3
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Updated daily, the Khloé Kardashian Official App is an exclusive mix of free and premium paid content from Khloe’s world, bringing you closer to her than ever before. Features include behind-the-scenes photo galleries, candid videos, fitness tutorials, personal journals, healthy recipes, shopping guides and much more. Live stream, giveaways and interactive offline experiences are also included in a subscription. An all-access pass to Khloe’s life, this app is must-have for fans. Features include: • Organizational tips from Khloé • Live streaming video and behind-the-scenes content • Workout Routines • How to get Khloé’s style: shopping tips, fashion and beauty advice, and where to buy • Special access to events and giveaways • Khloé’s favorite products • Exclusive personal photographs The Khloé Kardashian Official App is free with a premium content subscription offering. Khloé Kardashian Official App is available in English. Khloé Kardashian Official App supports iPhone 4 and above; iPad 2 and above, iPod touch 4th generation and above, all running iOS 7 and above. Please contact, if you are experiencing any issues. To download the Khloé Kardashian Official App is free. To subscribe (and have access to premium content), you will be charged a $2.99/month subscription fee through your iTunes account. A recurring transaction, this will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Khloé Kardashian Official App End User License Agreement: Khloé Kardashian Official App Privacy Policy/Terms of Use: Link to Application License Agreement: Link to Application Support:



  • App crashes, content is nothing extraordinary

    By CrushinD
    Signed up for the free trial which is a nice option. Cancelled it after three days. None of the workout, health, or beauty tips are other-worldly, but for those complaining about the price, seriously it is only $36 for the entire year. Most people spend more than that on one night out. But even if you can't/won't pay, trust me you are not missing any info you can't find elsewhere on the internet. The biggest issue is the screen going black and semi-crashing, only to reboot to the landing page forcing me to scroll through content to get to where I was. It's a bug in need of fixing!
  • No

    By MT2366
    You have to pay for everything. Not free!
  • Issues need to be fixed

    By Conbillion
    Honest review. Just started the free trial. Idk why people are complaining about the price. It’s only 3$ a month LOL if you can’t afford that , but have an iPhone...there’s a bigger issue. Anyway, the quizzes don’t work properly. The results turn into an error. (Tried multiple times) so Khloé girl, get your people on that ASAP! Interesting information. It’s kinda cool to see what she writes about herself and the family. Not a huge Kardashian fan but eh I’d say it’s worth it after those minor issues are fixed.
  • ALL of the content costs money

    By Kbbbbbbbbbb111111
    The app works great, however ALL of the content requires the $2.99 monthly subscription. I love the Kardashians but do y'all really need to make MORE money off of us than you already do? It would be nice to share some cool free content for real personal fans who follow you because we look up to you (we will never be as great as you guys so sharing some free pointers with ya girl isn't gunna hurt ya!!!)
  • Waste of time

    By Ndjfkskx
    I’ve been wanting to get healthy again & do workouts along with meal plans. Khloe makes everything look easy so I downloaded the app. But of course, you have to pay to view 9.9/10 of the things on here. You have to have all the money in order to view things that could change someone’s like. The Kardashian’s & Jenner’s make all this money but still want to get money off of app that are life changing tips. It’s stupid & it should be free to help other people instead of taking their money.
  • Won't even load

    By Amandawills84
    I was super excited to subscribe and view the content on this app. However, it won't even load! I try to open it and it just crashes immediately. I can see a black screen with "Khloé " and then it shuts down. So I can't even subscribe to view anything. Pretty disappointed. Hopefully this issue can be fixed, I've seen many other reviews with the same problem. I guess I will uninstall and try again in a few weeks.
  • Okurrrr

    By Bybhuhnu
    Love the app. It may as well not have a free version though because basically everything is locked unless you upgrade, which I did. It’s a pretty cheap price. Love Khloe and want to support her. Tons of awesome info related to Glam and Fitness and more. Just wish it was easier to scroll through the articles to get back to where I was previously. One weird thing, I noticed my phone battery drains extremely fast while on the app, and using any app ever since I downloaded this. Never had a battery problem with this phone until after I got this app and now I lose like 5+% every 1-2 minutes no matter what. Not sure if the two are related? Just something I noticed only right after getting the app. I’ll have to try deleting it for awhile and seeing if anything changes or if it’s a software version issue.
  • No free content

    By Amyacqua77
    Must pay a monthly subscription to view her free thoughts, aren’t you rich enough why does she need to gain money from people off an app?
  • Doesn’t work

    By Bdhbddjo
    Won’t let me subscribe no matter how many times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Terrible app

    By Patty1234567
    App freezes and the videos have no organization. You can’t go to categories like fashion, beauty, health etc. And see a list of videos. For someone who has videos called Khlo-CD they aren’t applying that to this app.