My Visit to the Louvre

My Visit to the Louvre


  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-07-05
  • Current Version: 0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 134.94 MB
  • Developer: MUSEE DU LOUVRE
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2
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My Visit to the Louvre Be your own guide! With the App “My Visit to the Louvre” you can be your own guide! - 60,000 square meters of museum space modeled in 3D to help you find your way around - find an artwork, collection, or amenity by following the itinerary suggested - all the practical info you need, plus details of cultural events (exhibitions, auditorium, workshops, etc.) - 600 comprehensive descriptions of artworks and of significant parts of the Louvre palace - 600 audio commentaries on the artworks and museum rooms, available through in-app purchasing The application "My Visit to the Louvre" will be improved regularly to make you enjoy new features and improved stability. Your feedback has a great importance for us, thank you to let us know at:



  • Doesn't download content

    By Circus fan
    Update: after attempting many, many times I was finally able to download all of the content. It took well over an hour to complete. It actually looks good now that I've looked at it. I just purchased the entire content for $4.99 and it will not download at all. I'm at my house in the US with strong wifi, but it's not downloading anything and eventually times out.
  • Great idea, can't get past download phase

    By Abq Michael
    Bad on me, I didn't get the App until I arrived. Then I tried downloading the big 600 meg content package while there. That didn't work. Ok, I get it. Bigger pipe needed. Back at my room, trying every which way to download (wifi , orange 4G), and still not getting much past 15%. I think it's their servers plus the download software. Here's a hint or two developers. Break the big downloads into smaller packages. That way users can dribble it out whether on bad lines or from overloaded servers. Next, implement a recoverable downloading process. It's really a solved problem and there's a lot of software solutions out there to build on. Finally, move your servers to the cloud so you can easily scale on demand.
  • Waste of time, battery & money

    By Gfdgsfg
    This app will make your Louvre visit worse. It is slow, the maps and itineraries are useless, it is a terrible battery drain, and it offers commentary on only the most major pieces of artwork. On the plus side: the commentaries themselves are outstanding. It is shameful that the Louvre is so far behind its sister museums in producing a smartphone-based app worthy of its magnificent collection.
  • Excellent Tour Guide for the Louvre

    By mgroves
    The previous 1 star and 2 star reviews are curious; they do not describe the app I dowloaded and used. It is important to download the audio in advance of a trip to the museum; it does take some time; but once you have it works very well. Descriptions of the paintings and sculptures and some scholarly commentaries in French and English are offered. The art works are numbered. Tap in the number and--voilà--you have the commentary. 600 of them. You are told where to find them, the room and floor, and you are given some suggested itineraries, depending on your interests. Furthermore, one can take a virtual trip through the museum by looking at photos of your favorite works and the listening to the audio guide.
  • Audio does not work

    By Rjawsmail
    I should have looked at the reviews before paying extra for the audio. It does not work. This app detracts from the experience of the Lueve. Just go without.
  • Not as advertised

    By shellbenn
    Huge signs in the Louvre recommending this App. But why offer the whole audio commentary when you can't download it while you're there? Wasted over an hour before I was told to try using the shopping center's wifi "because it was better". I had downloaded just one audio tour the day before which worked. But after purchasing them all I couldn't download the tours individually!! Very disappointed.
  • Utterly useless

    By Ape Twin
    I'm standing in the louvre right now and this app has actually made my visit WORSE because I didn't get a map as I came in and this app is utterly useless, and for some idiotic reason there are no maps in the Louvre, you have to leave and come back in to get a map. This app provides no information about the art, has a completely useless "map" that actually makes things harder to find and the "How to get there" feature flat out does not work. Don't waste your time downloading this garbage.
  • Poor execution

    By pgnpixi
    This app has great photos of the artwork, but I paid extra for the audio guide and it does not work! Also, it stated in the description that there are itineraries, but they are not what you would expect- it's just a list of pictures of things that match the interest you selected, without any guidance as to what order to see them in. You can select how to get to each one, but it doesn't list them in a logical order that you can follow from one to the other.
  • I've just returned from Paris and wish I'd had this app

    By L_S
    I was in Paris two years ago and rented the clunky Nintendo audio guide at the Louvre. It had a really lousy interface and was not easy to use. I had forgotten that experience last week when I visited the Louvre again and rented audio guides for me and my wife. What a mistake! It was the same very dated device from two years ago. After an hour, we tired of fighting with these heavy Nintendo devices we turned them back in. As a followup, I downloaded this app upon returning home and wish I'd had this app for my time at the Louvre. (Note: the app and purchased descriptions have to be purchased at home, since the Wifi at the Lourve (and at my hotel) was not up to downloading the 600 Mbytes of commentaary. However, at home it took only a couple of minutes to install and worked fine.) Don't worry about the $4.99 cost of the commentaries -- pay it. You'll have it forever and it is less than the 5 Euro cost of renting a guide at the museum yourself. I wish I'd had this last week. Do yourself a favor and install it before your visit to the Louvre.
  • Great Idea, Terrible Implementation

    By RickKiszka
    This app is "not ready for prime time". It is impossible to navigate using the map feature. The Louvre building only has wi-fi in certain spots, and also has spotty cell phone coverage. This adds to the problem. Skip this app and use the paper map