iTarget Pro

iTarget Pro

By Joe Jenius Inc.

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2016-09-07
  • Current Version: 1.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.06 MB
  • Developer: Joe Jenius Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 126 Ratings


The iTarget Pro app is designed to work with the iTarget firearm training system available from our website. Be sure to check out the instructional video on our website. The app allows you to use your phone to monitor a paper target for hits from the iTarget laser bullet. The iTarget system allows you to safely practice dry-fire training while perfecting the fundamentals of firearm shooting and marksmanship. The iTarget Pro app makes dry-fire training more fun by keeping score and displaying your shot placement while you are shooting. It also allows you to save your final results to your camera roll for sharing with your friends or friendly competition. Dry fire practice is used by the FBI, the US military, police departments and competitive shooters. Dry-fire practice is recommend by most firearm instructors and is used extensively by professional marksman because it allows you to get more practice time in without the expense of range time. To use the app, select the game mode you wish to play. At this time, only Bullseye is available. Next, you need to agree to the safety precautions. Please read and follow these precautions for your safety and those around you. Adjust the sled so that the image of the target fills the screen of the phone. Better results may be achieved by moving the target further away and using the zoom. Do not allow the camera to see off the edge of the target. Use two fingers to scale the red scoring overlay and drag it over the image of the target. If your scoring is off, this is where the adjustment is made. Go to settings to adjust the sensitivity. Different lighting conditions require different sensitivity adjustments. Adjust the sensitivity until the target area is black. Test with the laser to see how the app responds. Pressing the green play button will start the practice session. If the app registers false hits, lower the sensitivity and make sure the camera is not seeing off the target. If the app doesn’t register the hits, raise the sensitivity. Changing the lighting conditions in the practice area may require a change in the sensitivity adjustment. When done practicing, you can save the target image by pressing thumbs up and the download button.



  • Round hits, please.

    By backburner007
    This was given to me as a great Fathers Day gift. With a full understanding of the set-up I had it working is short order and it’s proving to be a solid dry fire tool. My only complaint is: ragged target holes. Real bullets almost always make round holes in paper targets. The only exception to this may be when there are overlapping hits or when a bullet tumbles (which is an entirely different problem). Please consider changing the hole image. Thanks Bill
  • Too sensitive

    By MikeA388164048177040
    I pulled the trigger 10 times, but it recorded almost 60 shots. The app constantly thinks you’re firing even in consistent light.
  • Not happy app will not work

    By Toolman336
    I downloaded the app and won’t load up. I get to the screen after confirmation of safe live weapons check and it closes. Very disappointing was very happy to have but then a MAJOR let down. Update the app and get the bugs out.
  • Poor

    By Colberto Roberto
    It’s cheaply made and barely works. App is buggy. Doesn’t register laser shots very well. I played around with the sensitivity and even all the way up, it wouldn’t register a single shot. iPhone plus barely fits in stand. Nice idea, poorly and cheaply executed.
  • Horrible App

    By bsvdbfbdbbd
    The app does not work at all. After downloading the app, the app started showing shots on the screen that had never been fired. When I attempted to shoot the gun, the laser did not work. This is a horrible waste of money!!!!!
  • Works grate if you buy the Phone/target mounting slide.

    By Cevans1978
    This system works very well if you buy the phone/target sled. The system works very well with iTarget training laser in your fire arm. I would think a training laser of a different brand would work just fine. I just bought the whole kit from target pro. I am looking forward to additional options in future versions. Best quality dry fire laser training for the money in my opinion.
  • App is no longer working

    By J260013
    It fails on my iPhone SE and iPhone X Please update this app
  • I’m hated it, before I loved it

    By NC Human
    When I first set up itargetpro I was getting false ghost shots. It would just go off. I tried everything but couldn’t get it to stop ghost shooting. I assumed it was just another crappy product. I then reinstalled the app and it worked and continues to work perfectly. I have zeroed in all my green lasers at 20’. Dead on!! It would have took me forever and been such a hassle at the range but it was so easy with this tool. I love this product.
  • Great system

    By Kunze of Runnells
    It’s not perfect, I’ve had some false hits and some times when a hit looked different than how it was registered in the app. My iPhone 6+ in an Otter Box style case is as big as will fit in the cradle but it does fit and work. The price is great compared to other training systems, you’re learning on your own firearm, no reloading mags, no cost of ammo (I’ve already dry fired well over the cost of the iTarget system.), and no cleaning after a session with the iTarget. I had an issue that needed support and got a great response! Thanks to iTarget my groups have gotten much better.
  • Could be great

    By Vic007007
    Love the function and the feed back. However the app won't take the picture of the screen and the add ons cost more more.