Blades and Rings

Blades and Rings


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-12-05
  • Current Version: 3.38.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 121.60 MB
  • Developer: 37GAMES
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 2,036 Ratings


3D Fantasy MMOARPG Masterpiece, Blades and Rings Return to the dream worlds of the middle age Start your fantastic ring hunting journey! [Introduction] Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, players travel to the wondrous homelands of the elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, cyclopses and more in order to collect 27 powerful rings and save the world! Featuring many unique game modes and systems, such as the free equipment system, where equipment is obtainable only via killing monsters. The free trade system, in which players can freely trade items without price restrictions. A powerful and diverse social system, including Emperors and civilians, masters and apprentices, guilds and teams. Plus a balanced and exciting world boss system where bosses can be found across the world map and refresh all day long. [Game Features] ——New Era, offline auto-combat Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses when you are busy, creating a win-win situation for both work and play. ——Advancement, exclusive customization system Featuring a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see fit, outside the constraints of a traditional class system. Acquire your very own exclusive titles, spectacular skills and featured looks. ——Cool mounts, customizable looks Dozens of cool mounts including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your service. Customizable equipment and looks will make you stand out of the crowd. ——Trade freely, buy or sell equipment In the market of this game, you can freely sell any unused or extra equipment obtained from killing bosses or completing quests. None of your resources or time shall be wasted. ——Splendid wings, fierce PvP PvP is allowed on all maps. You can team up to take on high level players and if you are lucky enough to give the finishing blow, then the ultimate equipment is yours. High drop rates add thrills and excitement. Follow our Facebook fan-page for more information and keep up to date with all the latest about Blades and Rings. We are looking forward to seeing your comments and messages! Blades and Rings Facebook:



  • LordY

    By yesie075
    Good game!!
  • Terrible Service, Decent Game.

    By Annoyed123450
    It’s a real shame the customer service is complete garbage with a game that is decent. Total money grab and pay to play. Even with paying to play the servers don’t recognize purchases. After several attempts at getting a resolution for a very small purchase, they just want to play games. If your an F2P player don’t waste your time. If your a P2P player be very cautious. I would spend your money on any of the other games out there in this same genre. Update: After disputing with Apple (very easy and quick) they charged me again! Keep your eyes out for these devs!!!!
  • No customer service

    By Just plain :|
    I bought some gems in the shop and it apparently lagged out , I checked my receipts on the App Store showing the transaction went through despite not receiving what I paid for. The ironic thing is that they had a list of banned people for receiving ,”malicious refunds” when clearly there is no customer service or any information to contact the creators on their website or in the game itself. It seems to me this game is a scam. Don’t waist your money on this poorly developed game .
  • Worst Customer Support

    By Aery77
    This game has the absolute worst customer support of any game I have ever played. Don’t expect to get anywhere with them when the game screws you over. Don’t bother spending any money - just go the free way if you still intend to play it.
  • Fix Your Game

    By mrNainoa
    I’m in the new server 1 Dog. Guild feast questions are in Japanese, no one can answer the questions and you only answer by luck. FIX IT. I’m giving blades and rings a chance again.. please make it right.
  • Good game and graphics but...

    By *Deb2
    Just got the game and played for a day or two. Now I have a message box at the beginning of game saying to 'update'. Isn't updating and cannot get past the message box.
  • Blades & Rings waste of time by Hondo

    By H0nd0
    Been playing for about 6 months, started great and thought this was going to be a great game that I wouldn’t have to spend that much money on. Boy was I wrong. We all are to a point where you have to buy, beg, or steal equipment and gear. Drops started out great, but here we are going on a week plus of not getting a drop of anything of value. We all have a problem with buying equipment and gear because players are leaving the game for said above reasons. Our Server (S481) may have between 10 and 15 players. 8 of those players are in the same guild. As you can see not enough activity for the server to progress and grow. Registered a ticket with customer service about this and their word to me was “you need to play the game more”, my account of 3 characters stay logged on about 16 hours a day, so how much more can I play or grind for drops? This kind of thinking and attitude is spreading across our server (10-15 people) and across other servers as well. Will it change? I doubt it.
  • Ridiculous

    By blkchld
    Game started out ok but the gameplay and contents started getting old fast u have to spent too much to very very little
  • Beautiful and long-lasting fun

    By Fetters11
    I’ve been playing for over a month and this is about the time where, with other games, I get burned out. But now with blades & rings. This game is dope, the grind is done while the game is off in offline mode, so you come on and take care of the important quests. So far, an amazing experience.
  • 1.5 Year Review

    By Wastingtimeonvideogsmes
    Spoiler: When starting out in the game everything is very fast pace and exciting. Levels come fast as it dose with ANY MMORPG. After about 3-4 weeks and the “New Server Promotion” has worn off and everything comes to a halt very fast items start becoming harder to get and leveling becomes much much slower after level R1 normally, there are some servers that stay active but those are normally players who have been threw the game a few times least to R1. Happens 100%: Players are going to leave the interesting part is that even some of the high spenders leave makes me wonder if the GM’s(Game Masters) are purposefully playing on new servers to force competition. PvP(Player Vs Player): Battles can be exciting and frustrating at same time. Players who are lower level can and have killed players with higher CP(Combat Power) on head to head which makes sense if some ability’s aren’t working correctly(See Tech Support section). In group setting anything can happen I’ve seen strong guild/players become annihilated by smaller well organized groups of decently geared players. I have also seen where 1 player has killed an entire guild of 30+ by him/herself while completing a “Guild” event. Drop Rate - Events: In the low end of the game drop rates are on par if not slightly better then some of the PC MMORPG’s as you progress there the game. The drop rates get to the point of non existent. In some case’s you can’t get items unless it is during an event and you have to use Diamonds to “attempt” to get them. Reason I say attempt is I have dropped $400 in diamonds(During event) which you would think get ya anything/everything you wanted but you would be very horribly wrong. Most I have heard of people dropping $700-$1,300(talk about heavy spending) and did not receive the item. I have also had a rare wanted item drop on 5th attempt. Drop Rate - Items: Some of the “Common Rare items” are IMO set to Rare drop rate based on the excel item to drop ratio for all of my toons.(yes I tracked boss kills and item drops for orange and red items) some of the “rare drops are set on par while (in the 1.5 years of playing) I have yet to have some items drop that claim to drop on some boss’s. Some say it’s bad luck on drop rates. (really in 1.5 years and 2 vip 9 toons and 2 vip 6+ accounts I’m bound to have all the drops several times over). Some items that you need to get in order to complete combines don’t even drop in the game and it even says so in description or you can Only get threw events which means if you plan on FTP your not going to get it. Farming: If you don’t mind Farming for your gear and have VIP, you will spend LOTS of time attempting to kill each of theses boss’s types for your drops, If you are wanting to do it all your self. If you have an active guild you May be able to complete some of the stuff you need, if you work together. but as it sits players most likely will work for their own stuff and sell off their extras for diamond so they can buy stuff for the events on your dime. Mall: If ur looking to get an edge on other players the market place would be the place to go if you have loads of diamonds ya want to unload, bad part is ALL of the good items are in the weekly side of market and ALL of them are way over priced. Also will changed based on your level so once u get out of a range of items it will be gone for ever. Most expensive weekly item(s)(currently)is 900 Diamonds and u can only get one a week(20 max) for minor triple digit stats(atk,def,hp). For those who don’t know stats can get into the 10-100’s of thousands. Most expensive item in the entire Mall is a Class Change Card 3180 Diamonds ($50) (WTF🤯) Over Priced: Compared to other games on FTP(Free to play) market ALL of theses mobile games are Way over priced. With the purchase of 1 of the max pack ($100) I can play EverQuest on PC($150 yearly) or World of Warcraft on PC($80 6mo) and have Full access(VIP) for a 1year/6 mo WITHOUT additional purchase. Granted they are PC and this is MOBA it is still in the FTP market and one of them started MMORPG standard for everything. In B&R $100 (6400 Diamonds) and you have to purchase VIP with the diamonds (1mo 288D, 3mo 888D, 12mo 1280D) do the math. Now you do get “Perks” with B&R VIP but all they are designed for is to trick you into spending diamonds and buying more. Example: U do get some free attempts (1 or 2 free out of 10 total)with the VIP system but once u use free attempts up you have to spend diamonds to be able to use the rest of the attempts “Paid” for. If you don’t buy the VIP card you have limited your game to about 1-2 hours of play Daily and will NEVER be able to compete with ANYONE who has VIP even if u do buy some. Tech Support: Now tech support where ohh where do I start. I have a love hate relationship with tech’s. On something’s they are ohh so cool, on other things. it’s like really what part of the universe did you come from. Some GM’s go out of their way to make wrong doings in game right and others simply don’t give a 🤬, example’s I’ve been waiting 5-6 months for quite a few things to be fixed and I’m still waiting. a friend who had to take legal action when they charged his CC# for several 1000’s of 💰 then banned his account when he mentioned it to them. I have heard of people having their accounts “hacked”,Deleted after several months of PTW, “could’t be found and items not being reimbursed when there was no mention of losing items on disassembly with out notification when everything else give’s you your items back when you disassembled them. Over all impression is as long as money keeps coming in they aren’t going to change a thing. Final Thought: This is one of the few MOBA MMORPG games I have played and IMHOO all of the people who have put anything Above 2 🌟 is a paid profiler or they work for the company to bolster rating system to suit their needs and not a genuine player who has played the game for any given time. Review Deleted: 3x