Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

By Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 4.3.131
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 155.58 MB
  • Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,038 Ratings


Lovestruck is your portal to the greatest interactive romance stories! Choose your ideal romance and enjoy the love you’ve always wanted to in this unique visual romance novel game! Find a story that captures your heart and decide who you want to fall in love with from a selection of over 50 unique characters! Current available series are: VILLAINOUS NIGHTS: In a world of super-powered humans, you find yourself with a group of powerful Super Villains and discover that love can bloom even in the darkest of nights. HAVENFALL IS FOR LOVERS: Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Find your Supernatural Soulmate in this mysterious and exciting story! GANGSTERS IN LOVE: The most dangerous and sexy gang in Los Angeles is after you… and your heart! LOVE & LEGENDS: Destiny takes you from your everyday life to a world of swords and sorcery! Now you must tie your fate to one of seven fantasy heroes. STARSHIP PROMISE: Explore the universe and discover a galaxy of love in this exciting spacefaring romance set far in the future! ASTORIA: FATE’S KISS: The fate of the world will change with just one kiss! Fall in love with the Gods and Monsters of Greek Mythology! TO LOVE & PROTECT: One minute you are a normal college student, the next, you are the secret love child of the President of the United States! CASTAWAY! LOVE’S ADVENTURE: A pleasure cruise gone wrong leaves you stranded on a remote island with 5 Sexy Strangers! SPEAKEASY TONIGHT: Enjoy the glamorous but dangerous world of a speakeasy filled with illegal booze, hot jazz, and even hotter romance!



  • Yay

    By sillybean72403
    Ok so the app has a few problems but it’s always fixed
  • “Interactive” story? Yeah right

    By Mandie6969
    This app has a good rating only because it is inclusive which not many are. The app doesn’t actually let you make choices throughout the stories. It’s either: 1) go with the free (bad) option or 2) pay $2.99 for the (good) extended scene option. I know you guys have to make money but I’d rather pay 2.99 for the app itself or watch ads or literally anything. With the serious lack of opportunities to earn credit for the extended scene, I’ll delete the app instead of paying 2.99 a chapter while waiting over 2 hours for access to a chapter
  • Love this app, best of its kind

    By Sonicetomicha
    I have used a lot of the story/choose your romance type apps, this is by far the best one. The story line “Astoria, fates kiss” is the best. Based in mythology, and really beautifully designed, with tons of side stories and different endings to explore. There are a few things I would LOVE to see: 1. A monthly subscription option that gets you a certain number of hearts and tickets, and maybe a free season each month. Something like that. 2. A story line featuring Egyptian Gods, similar to the Astoria series, but with a different group of Gods. Overall, the stories are quite long for this style of app. And each ticket gets you about 10-15 minutes of play, so even if you do buy them instead of waiting for the free ones, you feel like you get your money out of it. I almost never use my hearts to use the “good” story line (I save them to purchase additional stories instead). But even if you pick the free story choice each time, there is still plenty of good content, and I generally don’t feel disappointed with my choice. The only thing I can really say I didn’t like was the first story it picked for me based on a little questionnaire it gives you. I wasted a lot of tickets and hearts trying to get into a story I didn’t really like. Should have just picked a different one from the get go. So I would suggest if you don’t like the first chapter of the story it suggests, just move on to something else. There is plenty to choose from!
  • Love it!

    By ok hello hey
    I’m in love with this game I also loved how kinky Edgar got(; also I love how each story has its own spice and thrilling things to it. My favorite so far is renzi. Seems like he has this bad boy thing going on and I love it! Hope he’s like Edgar!!(; the tickets are unfair but I’ve been dealing with it Because the story’s are so good!! Don’t stop!🤗❤️
  • Love this game

    By Anastasia Lara
    I love this game my favorite stories are Astoria: Fate's Kiss, Havenfall, and Love & Legends. I love all the stories but I wish you would make a story with Aphrodite and more to Serena Zhang story.
  • Good game but...

    By Quack McDuck
    So the game is good and I love the LGBTQ+ options but they all seem to be lesbian or female with non-binary. Why can’t we play as non-binary or male?!? Why do we have to be female in every story?!? (At least every story I’ve seen) It’s not really inclusive if the game forces you into a certain gender and makes all relationships be either straight or lesbian. I also would REALLY like it if we could choose at least the skin color and hair of the protagonist. BUT I haven’t looked through every story yet so I don’t know if there is one that lets you change your appearance.
  • .

    By [known]
    Omg I feel like a bad person because I have played Diego’s route and I’m playing Antonio’s and we just insulted his sister by saying that’s his girlfriend I feel like such a bad person!!!!! Oh and it’s an amazing game ^^
  • Change Name

    By AttackonFreeDemon
    I believe I read the game description wrong because I'd assumed you could play as a gay male (choose your own gender), but I was wrong. But now I am left with a female main character with a very masculine name that I'd really like to change. I tried deleting the app and re-downloading but to no use. Is there anyway to change this? The name distracts me and takes away from the immersion.
  • Could be better

    By Wilddheart
    I love this game when it comes to the stories, but I’m only giving it a 3 star rating because you only give 2 tickets and it takes like 2 hours to get a new ticket. That wait is just ridiculous. I get really into the story and then bam! I have to wait 2 hours to continue. It just makes me want to quit the game. There is also no way to win tickets or hearts and the choices what cost hearts cost you like 25 hearts then you are forced to spending actual money. I don’t mind spending money sometimes and I understand it’s a free game it needs to create revenue somehow but seriously, I’d be more willing to buy hearts if I was able to get tickets easier than I am now.
  • 😤💘🏳️‍🌈💯💕💛💖🔥💙💝💜😤💗💞🔥

    By Godzilla8177
    VERY good! just wish we could have more than 2 tickets at a time :/, or that the tickets replenished faster? I love the game and want to play it all so badly that I get impatient.