Zappy Squirrel

Zappy Squirrel

By Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Inc


Help Zappy the squirrel run, jump, climb, and use whatever tools are available to get through all the obstacles at the metropolis electric power station. Eddy, a highly regarded engineer and entrepreneur, has designed a series of deterrents to keep our animal friends out of the metropolis power substation. Small animals are notorious for finding a way into power substations, resulting in equipment damage and unplanned outages. These deterrents will help keep the lights on in metropolis by keeping the animals out. Eddy has hired Professor Zappy the squirrel - scientist, engineer, and adventurer - to help test the designs by breaking through them. Aside from the usual consulting fee, Eddy has placed acorns along the way for extra incentive. This game is based on IEEE 1264™ - IEEE Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply Substations. @ZappySquirrel



  • Prof zappy

    By thssie
    Very stimulating game