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  • Release Date: 2017-07-03
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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ElkNut is the cutting edge of elk calling and hunting technology. With thirty years of elk hunting experience, Paul Medel and his company, ElkNut Outdoor Productions, author of myriad elk hunting books, articles, movies, CDs, and blogs, has raised elk calling training to the next level with ElkNut though his partnership with Got Game Technologies. Together, they have taken what he has learned in three decades of 100 percent elk hunting success on over the counter, do it yourself hunts, and put it together in one easy to use, accessible, and understandable location: ElkNut. ElkNut helps you become a better elk caller and hunter through: - Video content teaching you how to choose a mouth reed from the many options on the market place to make the most realistic elk sounds. - Video content offering guidance on mouth reed placement with specific instruction for both bull and cow elk sounds. - Featuring twenty one of the most common and most important bull and cow elk sounds, including: - Location Bugle - Challenge Bugle - Nervous Grunt - Chuckles - Advertising Bugle - Grunts - Round Up Bugle - Lip Bawl Bugle - Social Cow/Calf Talk - Contact Buzz - Bulls Panting - Growls - Separated/Lost Cow - Whines Going to Bull - Nervous Grunt/Round Up Bugle - Cow Bugles - Alarm Barks - Retreating Cow Mews - Pleading Cow/Calf Mews - Glunking - Regathering Mews - Four included sequences: - Blind/Cold Calling Sequence - Advertising Sequence - Breeding Sequence - Creative Cow Calling - Audio content of both the ElkNut and real elk making each sound so you can practice and measure your progress. - Video instruction demonstrating how to make each sound, with technical details that only an expert can teach you. Downloadable so you can take these videos with you on the hunt! - Hunting tips categorized by elk sound with tried and true pointers that will help you know what these sounds mean to other elk, when to use them in the field, and how an elk will respond to it when you do. - Special quick action tips that are readily accessible at a moment's notice to figure out what sounds you've been hearing from elk in the field. - Highly effective Pro Tips that provide insight only gained from years and years hunting elk that help you give yourself the best chance to find and harvest the elk of your dreams. - Links to resources where you can find the elk hunting products you need to be successful.



  • Awesome app

    By Midwestern Hunter
    Being an Ohio guy it’s definitely hard to get out in the wild and listen to elk. This September will be my first DIY backcountry elk hunt and I’m positive this app will help.
  • Great app

    By Spud hunter
    This app is awesome! It so nice to be able to hear the different calling sequence and all the different sounds that elk make. Thanks for all your work you out into this!
  • Worth 10x the cost!

    By laynebeller
    This app is extremely thorough and complete, yet amazingly simple to use. I hear there’s some cool additions and updates coming this next year as well. I’m excited to get in some good practice with the use of this amazing teaching tool!
  • BK Ammenwerth

    By BK Ammenwerth
    Great app for the beginner to advanced elk hunter to understand elk language. For me I really liked to recount what happened during the day/hunt and see if I should’ve played my cards differently and if unsure see what call sequence to try out. Besides that I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Paul a bit...... there isn’t a better guy out there. Thanks
  • Most useful tool out there for the money!

    By Jsteventhomas
    This app is an awesome tool for a beginning elk hunter. Well worth the cost.
  • Packnin4elk

    By Packnin4elk
    Fantastic app,
  • Game Changer No better calling app available

    By Isdang lalaki
    Thanks Paul! I first found you on the Rich Outdoors podcast and was blown away with your knowledge of calling. And to have all your years of experience wrapped into $4.99 is a steal. I was able to get more close encounters this season than ever before, all because of the app and what you have shared. I love the ease of access to the elk sounds and the sequences and to have it all on your phone even when you are not in cell service is priceless. Again thanks for what you have put together this app will change elk hunting and calling.
  • My first elk

    By Joe down under
    Used the information from this app to harvest my first elk this year, also my first elk hunt. I am a bow hunter and this information was invaluable. I cow called, a bull chuckled and I responded back and moved in. 2 more times over 15 minutes and I he moved a bit toward me as well. 40 yards, dropped in his tracks. It all went exactly as described in the tips sections. Unbelievable! I am over the moon happy. 6x6 262 B&C
  • Must Have

    By REELhiphop
    Decided to pull the trigger on this app, mainly because you can NEVER be versed well enough in elk country. This app literally breaks down every question and uncertainty I've ever had in the field. Job very well done on this one. Must have for those who really know how to use diaphragms, and want to learn how to properly approach and entice opportunities.
  • This man speaks elk!

    By gurglymurg
    So much more than just calling. This is elk higher education! Quick, concise, and informative Paul and the Elknut crew have created THE app for the real elk hunter. Tips, actual sequences, audio that you can loop for practicing, and the first app that will tell you when to actually use the calls you're learning. Usable offline(think hunting camp)-for those hunting pals that sound like duck farts when they're calling. Also, no in app purchase B.S. and calls/videos/sequences added frequently with no extra charge.