Norton Core

Norton Core

By Symantec

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-05-31
  • Current Version: 1.83
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 130.10 MB
  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 95 Ratings


IMPORTANT NOTE: This mobile app requires the Norton Core router hardware device to function. Norton Core is a high-performance wireless router with built-in security for your connected home. It provides blazing fast WiFi and creates the peace of mind that your home network is safe and secure. The Norton Core app enables you to easily setup, manage and control your network. Managing WiFi and security together has never been easier. It’s simple dashboard provides a security score for your entire home network, the number of devices connected, enables guest access and displays how much time is left when time limit parental controls are turned on. Norton Core Features: - Easy setup and control - Security for all your connected devices - Smart Parental Controls enable you to set content filters, daily time limits and bedtimes - Quick assessment of your home network with a simple security score - Seamless and automatic software updates with the latest security and features - Prioritize WiFi bandwidth speed for devices that need it the most - Secure guest access enables you to setup a guest network for a limited duration - Smart device identification - Manage and monitor your network from anywhere(1). IMPORTANT NOTE: This mobile app requires the Norton Core router hardware device to function. (1) Requires mobile data plan or an Internet connection.



  • Good Product poor App worse support

    By ChimarraoMate
    Norton’s support team is almost worthless. Don’t expect that they can help with problems. The app is difficult to navigate. Notifications are the best part of the implementation. Right now, there seems to be no way to clear any warning history. Using the Alexa app to enable my guest WiFi caused the core to lock up on the reset. Yes, enabling the guest WiFi does bump the normal WiFi because it requires a reset. It does warn of that somewhere in the documentation. But it froze the device during the reset. I had to unplug the device and plug it back in to get it working again. It’s very good at stopping threats. So it gets three stars for what I wanted it to do. Scanning the packets does come with a speed sacrifice, not just extra latency. It really needs a faster processor, but for the cost of the product it works well. So I give it three stars for doing its job well. Too bad they have not done a better job with the app and the Alexa implementation. It should have a web interface too, but does not.
  • Doesn’t fulfill its basic purpose

    By ThisIsBa
    The login / create account screen is extraordinarily buggy. It doesn’t direct properly and randomly glitches back to the previous screen. After several attempts, I was finally able to make an account and was greeted by a screen that said “No License Available We are unable to detect a valid license for this Norton Core on this account” 1. Why on earth should I need a license for a piece of hardware. I bought it. I own it. That is absurd. It should just work. 2. Of course there’s no license associated with my account. I just made it and am trying to set up my new Core. When would that association be made? The instructions say to download the app and follow the directions. “Yes, it’s that simple” No. No, it’s not that simple. Norton your software has always been a joke. I hoped that this hardware might not be and was tempted by the clean design. But no, Norton is still a joke.
  • Limited features

    By Idontn33danickname to review.
    I hope to come back to this in a few months and revisit my review. But for now I feel very disappointed by the app for the limitations that are on it. Specifically I am talking about the parental controls. You would think it would be easy enough to have a timer setting wheel that goes for a 24 hour period. Norton? Nope. Stops at 11:30pm. Want to turn off the kids internet at night? 11:30pm. Weekend? 11:30pm. Seriously? So I call support to see what their thoughts are. Useless. They know about it. They know it’s an issue. And the excuse is that the decide and app are new. Once this app gets the parental control functionality that is present in every other parental control app out there I will see what I can do. Until then I am shopping for a new router (again) and a new app to go with it.
  • Great product, good app.

    By rb63b
    I love the norton core. I’ve used several products in the market.. the circle, and others. The core uses the same enterprise level of url categories that symantec sells to corporations. The app is solid and has done a remarkable job helping me regain control of my kids devices and security.
  • Core is not your core

    By Mr The Pope
    I have to say, the concept here is great. The device fails to deliver. The most basic of configuration options, like being able to choose subnet addresses, have been completely omitted. The “PM’s” call that a feature request. I call it basic functionality. The whole point of the thing is the secure DNS and content inspection (which relies in part on the secure DNS). It goes down. Constantly. The solution? Use a different DNS provider. And when you do.. it works! So I ask you... what am I paying for? Bottom line: this thing isn’t ready for production and was clearly rushed due to some imagined market expectation.
  • Log in

    By Jomarin
    This app keeps logging me off and whenever I log back in I do so but doesn’t log me in! I have to log in at least 10 times to finally log into Norton core! Really pisses me off. It gets very annoying!
  • VERY Poorly Designed Product

    By The-Dude-Abides
    Among the MANY flaws in this product, setup REQUIRES that you have an independent internet connection (ex. cell phone) from your broadband connection. If the cellular data connection where you are setting up the device is limited or non-existent, you can’t set up the device! (even if you have a live Internet connection for the Norton Core!). Who came up with this brilliant idea?! Why would this be necessary?! In addition: * the product REQUIRES for WiFi to be active on the device (can’t disable WiFi on router in the event you already have a mesh router setup for WiFi and are just looking for the firewall capabilities of the Core). * Symantec cripples WPA2 by limiting WiFi password length to 32 characters! (instead of the standard 63 characters). Telephone support is a nightmare. I initiated a refund request for my Core several weeks ago: they are taking forever to process the request-I’m ready to toss this device in the garbage and never purchase a Symantec product again.
  • Very nice user Interface

    By Kobo boy
    It’s very simple to use and straight forward. But also the updates aren’t so frequent unfortunately.
  • Fantastic!

    By Christine1224
    I bought the Norton Core in Jan 2018 and I have been so happy with it! It was super easy to set up and has operated great for over a month now. I’d read reviews that concerned me ahead of the purchase but I didn’t experience any bad performance at all. The only thing I would advise is that buyers research ahead of time what type of modem they have and figure out how to configure it in “bridge mode” as that is required. For me, I have DirecTV with a gateway modem and I had to research a bit to figure out how to configure it, as my specific modem didn’t allow bridge mode. But after a quick google search I found posts explaining how it did allow DMZ+ configuration (which is similar) and showed me how to turn off the wireless on my gateway modem, which worked perfectly. Overall, very satisfied with the Norton Core!
  • Sent back, regretting now

    By JoeFrias
    I have the Cujo, it okay. Tried the Bitdefender Box 2, like the bridge mode compared to the Cujo. Should have kept testing the Core. Oh well! The app needs some TLC, but it was getting there.