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  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2017-05-16
  • Current Version: 3.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Developer: Cloudary Holdings Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
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  • Great

    By Dragoon1357
    It’s awesome but Premium is killing it
  • Ridiculous

    By Tech565
    They copy off of other sites then have the nerve to limit that amount you can read, one of the novels I was reading had over 400 locked chapters that is completely ridiculous.
  • Suggestion

    By Micheal163
    Love the app just wondering if the sideways reading could be add cause I love reading just before I go to sleep.
  • Mostly it’s great

    By Nexus 15
    The app is mostly great but the display need to be able to switch back and forth when not reading and during reading. Also it needs to be made easier to read locked chapters when you don’t have a lot of power stones when you’ve just started out.
  • Love but hate

    By Mrs.Chubz
    I love all the novels on Webnovel and the translators are doing a GREAT job. The things is it’s wayyyyyyyyy too expensive. Just say a book with 2000 chapters(normal wuxia range from 1500-3500+) the first 200 chapters would normally be free then you have to pay for the 1800 chapters left and each chapter would cost 5 spirit stone and you can get 20 spirit stone from logging in every day but that’s not enough to ever catch up with the updates because you will probably read more than one book. So, 50 stones for 1$. 50/5= 10 chapters then 1800/10= 180$ so to read a books about 2000 chapters would cost you roughly 180$. My point is most books would easily pass the 3000 chapter mark and my wallet can’t take this punishment. Developers please come up with a different method I don’t mind paying but this price is ridiculous. I don’t have hundred of dollars just laying around.

    By Krappa_123
  • A really good app

    By jj4miles
    I like the app, I do. When I first used it, I originally thought it wasn’t that useful at first but as I continued on I found i could no longer use the site and preferred going straight to the app. Putting it into summary, there is a lag of time difference when switching between the app and the site. I’m in New York, so this doesn’t bother me on the train cuz the app seems to go page to page just fine without signal.
  • Crashes too much

    By TankGirl631
    Please fix your app to stop crashing everyday now that you added comics your app clearly cannot handle the size of them. Fix asap
  • Freemium Reading App

    By Hyashiro
    Almost every novel has gone premium with “premium” meaning you have to pay spirit stones to unlock chapters. Considering the fact that you only get 16-19 spirit stones a day, and each locked chapter varies between 4-11 spirit stones, you can probably end up reading 2-5 chapters a day. (considering you have spare/leftover spirit stones from the other day) Here are scenarios you may end up in. With the numerous novels you like, you end up with most of your novels on hold and never reading them for months or maybe years because YOU don’t want to spend money on chapters that will eventually be unlocked. Or maybe you’ve become really desperate and itching to read the next chapter because you just REEEEAAAAAALLLLLY want to read the next chapter, so you decide to pay real money for spirit stones only to realise that you still have insufficient spirit stones to continue your reading, and you’re back where you started. With your divided attention to whatever novels you read, you are start to focus on the novels that stand out to you above the rest. All of the novels I want to read are behind locks with spirit stone shaped keyholes. :(( You are probably better off just reading off of gravitytales, wuxiaworld, kobatochan, or other translation websites. If you don’t already know, you can find various novel translations on novelupdates.com First Review: 2/5 Current Review: 3/5 It is less broken than before, looks okay, freemium business model ‘supporting translators’ and ruins reading experience.
  • Locked novel

    By Jdgcuosngwupwmveyossnvsgjwvwv
    Why is the chapters locked again when I just used spirit stones? Can you please tell me?