By Warner Bros.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-06-20
  • Current Version: 1.14.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 240.53 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 10,076 Ratings


Welcome to Delos. As a Trainee at Westworld, you’ve been granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), developed to help you learn all aspects of park operations and Host maintenance. Build and control the park, create and evolve Artificially Intelligent Hosts, and indulge the many human appetites of your Guests. Prove yourself as an employee, and you'll gain access to the park in ways only Westworld's creators could have designed. BUILD AND CONTROL WESTWORLD Upgrade the Delos facility to build, optimize, and unlock park locations such as Sweetwater, Escalante, Las Mudas, and more. CREATE THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF A.I. HOSTS Manufacture, collect, and upgrade over 170+ Artificially Intelligent Hosts as you create the ultimate experience for Guests. DELIGHT GUESTS & SATISFY THEIR DESIRES Our Guests want to “live without limits.” Match the right Hosts with Guests, in order to satisfy their every desire with these violent delights. DIAGNOSE AND EVOLVE HOSTS TO THE LIMITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Improve and upgrade A.I. Hosts by performing diagnostics, addressing glitches, and unlocking reveries. HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED YOUR REALITY? Start your career at Delos and become who you’ve always wanted to be. Westworld’s creators have a plan for you.



  • So much promise

    By Gandalf232323
    This game is like the girlfriend you keep dating due to “potential” and put up with her ongoing annoyances. The music is the best of any mobile game I’ve ever played, but they’d need to improve the reverie system (upgrading and managing inventory), add other player quality of life issues and add more end-game content for it be great.
  • Critical Analysis: Me, Me, Me, Me...

    By Brit_76
    Latest update broke critical analysis, can only use on [Me]
  • I love Westworld, but I don’t like mobile games and that says something.

    By Boop Ya Nose
    I’m enjoying the prospect of being able to casually play this game as a time passer. I’m a big fan of Westworld and don’t usually indulge in mobile games. But I am here, admittedly addicted. The graphics are pretty cute and well done for a free game, and truly is more than I expected, and have actually recommended to a couple friends (who were disappointed it was only for apple) Would love to be able to figure out how I can buy hosts, but that’s on me. I actually enjoy the prospect of earning them, certainly gives me some things to look forward to in playing this game. (Would give up my right arm for a Sheriff Armistice ;) and everything Armistice) And I do enjoy the Easter eggs provided every now and again for hosts, and would very much enjoy more and more for all the hosts and their background stories reflecting that of the caste members thoughts from the series itself on them. It’s always fun finding out tidbits and making the overall story itself. (Like with the staff members too? Always fun) overall, I enjoy this game in all of its adorable splendors and hope to look forward to more as I eagerly await season 3!
  • Good game

    By Tylerb1
    It’s a good game and I enjoy playing it. My main issue is even though they copied the fallout platform they didn’t completely follow them. Just recently found out you need internet connection which was a disappointment because it’s hard to find phone games to enjoy when I work in areas with cell service. Be awesome if they changed that, really don’t need a leader board honestly.
  • Very reminiscent of the show ❤️ the detail, fun mechanics…only one problem

    By Bret Knight
    I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 11 (latest). I’ve d/l and installed twice. Every launch it informs me it can’t login to GameCenter (even as the Welcome to GameCenter banner appears) so, I’ve been playing as an anonymous guest user. It saves my game progress (locally?) …still, annoying as hell. I don’t have this problem with other mobile games …frustrating. All-in-all, still ❤️ the game. Update! October 2018 The GOOD: Westworld is an amazing game. It does an exceptional job of mimicking the HBO series, including it’s amazing soundtrack, while keeping it fun, challenging and interesting. The games tutorial had me up and running in no time, and the daily tasks and weekly challenges kept me coming back. I had the option of advancing hosts quickly via in game purchase, but there’s no pay wall or pay to play requirement (ie you can “earn” hosts and upgrades in-game). World building happened quickly (so quickly my hosts aren’t yet advanced enough to play in several worlds yet). Ads are practically non-existent other than the launch time pitch for in-app purchases and you can opt to see it only once per launch. The BAD: Westworld is totally dependent on an Internet connection. There’s no option to play offline. This is a serious Achilles heel for a number of reasons: 1) You can’t play without Internet which is VERY limiting in circumstances where cell signal is weak or non-existent and/or there’s no available WiFi. 2) If you lose connection while you’re playing you may lose progress. 3) The game’s performance is seriously affected in slow data situations and I’ve experienced laggy response and dropped server connections. The UGLY: Westworld takes too long to start up. Given its proclivity to drop connections with the server the startup time is particularly onerous. Memory management is also an issue. I can play for maybe 5-10 minutes before I have to relaunch the game because it becomes too laggy. I love Westworld, I just wish I could play it. Note: It’s rumored Westworld’s game engine is based on Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter (a mobile companion to Fallout 4) Fallout Shelter can be played offline. Obviously you can’t receive updates or shop the store, but you can play and it uploads your progress when you’re next connected. It also allows you to store your progress in the Cloud. You’re working on this ability for a future version, right?
  • A variation of shelters...

    By LoriPoppy
    Don’t get me wrong! I like the game, it can get quite addictive once you get the game pace moving but everything is handed to you all at once with pretty vague directions. I figured I would like the game because it’s so similar to another .... *cough* popular game... and I do. I don’t think it’s a total rip off of shelters I think the engine or programming used was just similar. The ONE issue I have with game is they utilized the “shelter” function implying that the Delos facility was located underground, but Delos is on a high plateau over looking the park I thought? Utilizing the shelter idea was clever but breaking lore in order to do seems a bit cheap.
  • So disgusting...

    By JershB
    Ugh...man. As a fan, you hate to see a cash grab like this. I mean, the game doesn’t even have any point. You get (or buy with money, mostly) characters and level them so that you can do higher level monotonous tasks to get higher level characters to do higher level monotonous tasks... What. Is. The. Point. I’ll save you some time: there isn’t one. Love Westworld, sad that this game exists. It is a stain, truly.
  • Reverie update is annoying

    By LauraElizabeth315
    Love the game and most of the updates are good, but the order of the reverie in the update makes it so much harder to find them. Change it back!!!
  • Was fun... for a while

    By Nightarrow 6270
    I have been playing this game for a while and I found it to be fun and different from what I normally play. It has recently become tedious and aggressive in terms of if I don’t play everyday I fall behind really fast. I find myself opening the game more than any other app I have. I really want to like it but I’ve spent money on it. (Too much) and now I’m upset with my decision to actually have spent money on it. Also I’m stuck from leveling up and it’s gonna take a lot of game play (more than I want at this point) to get leveled up again. Slowly playing it less and less even though it’s addicting and makes you want to come back and play more.
  • I love this Westworld game!

    By Pinay artist
    I understand the instruction very clearly and how to play! It’s beautiful graphic! I like the way it look simple. I wish that you make cute emoji Westworld characters for iMessage! It’s great game!