• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-10
  • Current Version: 2.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.44 GB
  • Developer: LIME TURTLE, INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,261 Ratings


Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey! Game Features • Over 300 Nexomon to catch and train. • Evolve your Nexomon into new and powerful forms. • Universal App! Play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. • iCloud support. Backup your data and play on all your devices! • Get exclusive Nexomon iMessage stickers! • A deep and engaging battle system. • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them! • Embark on an epic adventure to save the world from the Nexomon King! • Battle powerful and challenging foes in the Nexoworld. • Select from seven unique starters. • Explore all 10 colorful and vibrant regions. • Fully animated monsters, prepare to enjoy the most exciting battles! • High Quality gaming experience like no other! Follow us on social media for the latest news: Facebook: Instagram: nexomon_official



  • Surpassed my expectations

    By Zelda Yes!!!😝😝😝
    The fact these developers took the time to create a great game reminiscent to pokemon automatically caused me to download it. But i didnt know it would be THIS good! The story is well written and i love the content they provided in this game! Perfect length and great gameplay with graphics to match. When i became able to share exp with other nexomon I couldn’t put it down. 10/10 🙂👍🏽
  • Couldn’t put it down until I was finished

    By Chaaserrt
    Loved this game!!! More than worth the mere 99cents!
  • One of the best games on the App Store

    By Loeloe1200
    Just finished up my first play through and man was this game worth that 99 cents. Just buy it what’s a dollar to you. Believe me you won’t be disappointed especially if you’re a huge Pokémon fan!
  • Great... But beware

    By LawsomeSauce
    The graphics are good, The Nexomon are diverse, the story could use some work, and the capture rate ... if you like throwing 10 "pokeball" equivalents at a common Nexomon with 1 HP just for that catch, this is the game for you. Just be warned, mediocre Nexomon is all you will get without dumping more money into this game. I would say that in a year this game will be the next Micromon unfortunately.
  • A great game with some slight manageable issues

    By ReallyBranden
    Overall a really solid game. Not a fan of the micro transactions but I understand why they’re there. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, you can play the whole game without paying for extra things. Their Facebook connections application is non-functioning currently. However, the game is a fun experience and is completely recommended.
  • Good job is a good Pokémon ripoff game

    By best ripoff
    Awesome game people think ripoffs are bad but u proved them wrong
  • Evolution?

    By Xianglinpooplin
    I have a level 50 spink and i haven't evlove
  • Amazing! but one major fault

    By Mw3270
    this game is amazing, i forgot my 3ds at home while on a vacation and wanted to play a game like pokémon and this completely satisfied my need to play. however one major fault in this game gets kind of aggravating at times. i feel as though nexomon are too difficult to catch, ill get one down to about 3 HP and waste 6 traps just to not be able to catch it. and i feel as though it prevents the game from being a perfect 5 stars.
  • Nexomon

    By Moon fall
    When you do next chapter instead of killing the final monster you should able to catch him instead or ziggy could offer to take him back into netherworld and gard him or something other than killing him
  • Don’t waste your money.

    I decided to get this because I saw a review that said this wasn’t a Pokémon ripoff. Anybody who says that and believes it is kidding themselves. A game doesn’t need to have some of the exact same stuff as another to be a ripoff. While, yes, the monsters are different, it’s the same concept, find the monsters, beat or catch the monsters, train them, beat the “gym leaders.” While it does have its own story and own reason for beating the “gym leaders,” it is most definitely still a ripoff. COMPLAINTS I guess normally since I think it’s a ripoff I wouldn’t list some complaints but I’ve already spent my money and want to use it, plus there are people out there who may enjoy this more than I do. The monsters themselves. Let’s say you have a level 5 of one monster. You get another level 5 of the same kind of monster. Their stats seem to be exactly the same, no matter how many times this is done. Battle sequences. Things that stick out to me in this subject... - Speed - The speed stat of a monster only ever counts for the very beginning of the battle, be it with a “tamer” or with a wild monster. The monster with the highest speed stat goes first, and the turns ALWAYS go back and forth from there. One moves, then the other. Back again. - Status Aliments - Things such as paralysis, poisoning, confusion, freezing, etc., only last for one turn. They don’t give an extra advantage over your opponent, giving you an extra attack or anything. They last one turn, and in the end only use up more of your monster’s stamina. The only thing these moves are good for is switching monsters out without them getting pummeled immediately after. - Switching - Switching a monster can often give you an advantage over your enemy in terms of type. At least, that’s what I’d like to say. Switching here tends to just put you at a disadvantage, as when you switch, the enemy immediately gets a free shot at your monster. - Levels - At the start of a battle, players can see the difference (or similarity) between the levels of their monster and their opponent. Levels seem to be everything, though. If you have a lower level, but no kind of type advantage, you tend to lose that engagement, unless you decide to switch to a higher leveled monster, and allow that monster to get pummeled. Sorry for the long essay-like review, and thank you for your time. - Sh4wn