Accident Informer

Accident Informer

By Osmosys Software Solutions Private Limited


An accident is an unforeseen, unplanned and uncontrolled event. In such cases, the Emergency response should be accessible and fast. Typical response time in metros when the police station is nearby is 30Min. To add, the family get to the person way too late. As good citizen's we can make this our duty to help our fellow citizens. How can you help? You can help in two major ways: First, Calling for an Ambulance. Second, informing the family of the person. Calling for an Ambulance is easy. But how does anyone inform the family? From your own phone, you can inform the person's family members. All you need is the Accident Informer app on your phone. You take down the accident vehicle number (you may add a few photographs of the scene too) and hit send. The message is automatically routed to the family members who the person had listed on the Accident Informer. The App is truly by the community helping the community. Our help makes us responsible citizens. Your Feedback: We would love to hear from you. Leave us your feedback. We look to improve. Please help us this app reach all your friends, groups and colleagues