Xmas cARds

Xmas cARds

By MultiMediaMarkers-Holland


This year again thousands of Christmas cards are sent by companies. Between all the offerings it is difficult to be original and to be noticed by business relations. With Augmented Reality you can distinguish yourself in an innovative way! Your own (digital or printed) Christmas card comes to life when it is scanned with the Xmas cARds app. There are various 3D animations available for you to choose from. You can even add a personal touch to superiors. For example, by making a nice Christmas video message, a recorded personal Christmas wish or an original group photo in Christmas spirit. We place these for you in the 3D animation. You can also add various buttons that direct user to your website or social media pages. On our website you will find our example cards and an impression of the available 3D animations. (Note: the maps on our website are not for sale, they are only an example, we will make your own (already purchased) Christmas card interactive and place the 3D animation you have selected!)