By chris rogers

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-07-25
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 176.00 MB
  • Developer: chris rogers
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research. 8 Sounds Banks: The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties . Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also applied other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an environment suitable for spirit communication. The audio itself is made up of phonemes, partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can help spirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as na, no, da, do, di, ma, may, etc. there are no real words of phrases contained in the banks. These sounds banks play in a similar way to that of my other app "Spiritus Ghost Box" but instead of 4 sound banks Necrophonic has 8 active sound banks. White Noise Sound Bank: This app also has an optional 9th sound bank called "White noise". This bank can be used alone or with the other 8 giving you a total of 9 sound banks. This audio is taken for the internal sounds of the famous DR60 recorder that is known as the "Holy Grail" of EVP recorders. This is not a White Noise Generator, this is a normal sound bank like the others but this one contains white noise from the DR60. Audio Effects: This app does contain Echo and Reverb audio effects. These have been proven to be the best effects to apply to ITC sessions. The echo can create audio that can be manipulated within the echo itself. Echo can also help in live, real time communication by repeating the audio and allowing you to better hear whats coming through. Reverb can be applied to the audio to create a spacious sound environment that will enhance audio manipulation.



  • Kinda creepy

    By CampMajdanek
    After analyzing this app for a while it’s pretty clear to me that there is no instrument sounds in it so when I heard a feint piano sound I thought maybe I just imagined the piano sound then I got creeped out when it said the word piano not even a minute after this app is pretty cool hard to hear exactly what the spirits are saying at times but I’ve heard my first and last name through this app I heard I love you I’ve even heard sounds I don’t even think are programmed into the app
  • Amazed!

    By Delia992
    I was honestly skeptical at first , until, it answered some stuff that was very personal and close to me . We even tested it of someone walking into another room of the house and whispering a word and then the spirit said it back - I hear a lot of (help me)
  • Seems to work

    By Joepaul5555
    Idk if it’s just random words in a sound bank and they just get lucky from time to time. But I just took a drive in my truck and talked to this thing for about 30 mins. I was able to get someone to sing, say my name, and tell me they did not see Jesus. So idk if it is somehow listening to me and trying to adapt to things I talk about or if it’s legit.
  • Fake!!

    By birdie 1984
    You can not use this app to hear ghosts/spirits. It’s just a bunch of nonsense noise fragments. Never once heard anything that were true words. I’m not even a skeptic. I believe in ghosts/spirits and know they are around. I have communicated in other ways, but I tell you this app is not real and not worth spending your money on.
  • Necrophonic

    By Spiritualawakening1
    Really nice app to use i feel personally is legit there are responses that come through but I don’t understand are those background noises that repeat are for spirits to manipulated the repetition for order for them to speak through because when i ask questions it does go through sometimes but not always but again i do believe is legit and is very cool and works fine just confused about the repeating? If u do respond thank you.
  • Joke

    By ward3031
    Feel ripped off so far
  • The app is great, but I did not mean to buy it.

    By Lt.Sirtive
    I’m sorry, I had allowed my little bother to play games on my IPad about a week ago and I ended up having about $10 taken from me. I noticed that this app had been hidden in one of my folders and I’m assuming this was the app my little brother had purchased without my authority. I tended to try it out for a little bit and realized that It wasn’t as bad, but considering that I’m not actually a fan of anything related to paranormal activity and such. I would love to have this refunded. Please and thank you. Ps, I’d advise that any of you who are a bit skeptical about purchasing this app, it is pretty legit. You should definitely try it out if your really looking for something to help you communicate with the dead.
  • Help

    By henson67
    I just got the app can you tell me how I record using the app. Thank you
  • Does not work

    By The book worm
    I just purchased this app last night and does not work. I am not able to get any sound. I have my volume turned up all the way and all other apps work. I am going to need a refund for this app. Update: I was able to get the App to work last night. I have not used it on any ghost hunts yet. Will update later.
  • I like Necrophonic

    By Dr. Hec6
    This is an awesome app. In one place I got one answer that’s right on spot, with the echo on. I even heard a sound of a machine just outside where the machines and tools are kept. The app is simple to use, stays on until you shut it off, unlike some other spirit box apps. Haven’t use the rr60 feature since I never had the Panasonic rr60 recorder.