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Try our international calling app and get the cheapest rates for premium-quality calls to any phone anywhere in the world. Test us out with a free call! Test our international calling app with a free call! We offer the cheapest rates for premium-quality calls to any phone anywhere in the world. Download today! Why choose Rebtel? • Cheapest rates for premium-quality international calls • Tailor-made offers just for you • No internet needed! But of course, you can connect how you like - over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or local phone lines • Premium-quality calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world • Send international mobile top-ups to friends and family abroad without paying any fees • Free calls to the United States from anywhere in the world • Free calls and instant messages to Rebtel app users • Invite friends and earn calling minutes • Try for free! Best app to call India, Cuba, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, and more. Best international calling offers Rebtel offers different types of international calling offers depending on your needs. You can either pay as you go with our cheap per-minute rates, call unlimited with one of our unlimited calling subscriptions, or try one of our special exclusive offers. No matter what type of offer you choose, there’s no contract, no cancelation period, and absolutely no hidden fees. Popular countries to call include: India, Nigeria, Cuba, Ghana, Cameroon, Eritrea, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and more. Send international mobile top-ups without fees The Rebtel app makes it easy to send international mobile recharges to your friends and family back home. Just find your contact, select the amount you’d like to send, and then send your mobile airtime top-up without paying any additional fees. Supported destinations: Cuba, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Senegal, and more to come! Free app-to-app calls or messages Call or instant message Rebtel app users anywhere in the world for free! If your friends don’t use Rebtel, then send them an invite and earn $5 in calling minutes when they make their first payment. • Get started today • Download the Rebtel app • Sign up and accept permissions • Try a free call • Select the calling offer that’s right for you (we’ll show you the ones we think are most relevant for you based on where you’re calling, but you can choose any) • Start calling!



  • Sin duda

    By el 3 men 2
    No hay mejor conexión que con reptel
  • International calling

    By Rrove07
    Although it is a little expensive, quality is good, you can talk without distraction
  • Very good service

    By nathaline c
    Very good service
  • Excellent service

    By Rock_85
    Excellent service
  • False advertisement - they won’t allow you to buy credits at the rates they publish

    By Green Olive Tree
    It is lost of time. I downloaded this app and they said that they added 3 minutes of credits but it was not the case as my trial calls ended up with the warning saying that I have zero credit. Then I tried to add some credit and there are three options to choose. I chose to buy 5 dollars of credit but it ask me to pay 7.99 dollars. Then I tried to buy 10 dollars of credit and it wanted me to pay 14.99 dollars. If you choose 20 dollars it wants you to pay about 35 dollars. This is ridiculous and it shouldn’t be allowed in the App Store. After this I went to their web site and tried to post my concern in their Help site and an automated replying algorithm finds only related links rather than answering my specific concerns. Then I tried to understand who are they and tried to click on About Us link and it is empty. I have no idea who owns this app. I have tried multiple apps doing international calls and this was the most annoying and it instigated me to write my first review ever. I am deleting their app right now as I am worried they obtain some info from my phone without my consent. My trust to this app is zero as they are not giving what they promise and make us lose our precious time.
  • Worst app of the year.

    By Mark2d77
    All calls I make drop in the first 45secs then I start hearing what we talked at the beginning. I didn’t get value for my dollars.
  • Connection issues

    By apartheid
    After about one minute I loose my connection in a weird way. It starts replying my conversations. Also I have to make 3-4 repeated calls so I can get a good connection, and that's for just about one minute. And that's 27 cents / minute. Update: This was corrected, but periodically it’s coming back. Even though I have pardoned this issue, what’s bothering me the most is dishonesty. I’m being overcharged in a very abusing way. For a phone call of $1:00 minute exactly, i am being billed for 1:03 minutes, and charged 40 cents for 2 minutes, . Of course I have proof of that. This is fraud!!!!
  • Connecticity Issue

    By satyapraveen
    I had been using service for more than two years. From last two months the connectivity was very bad. Even support staff is taking too long to resolve the incidents. Bad
  • I recommend it always!!!

    By Betyhn
    I love this app, for me is fantastic, the communication is very quick and clear.
  • I like the app, Period!

    By uchboy
    Very clear and cheap app. Simply did what it’s meant for.