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Make high quality international calls to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing. Rebtel will detect your best available connection type and set up your call via either a local phone line, mobile data or WiFi. This means you never have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping. As a new user your first 3 minute call is on us, and if you sign up for a subscription you get a whole week free. You can cancel any time you want and for each person you successfully invite to Rebtel, you receive $5 free credits added to your balance. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Why choose Rebtel? • Our calls are internet-free. Our super smart system finds the best phone lines to connect your calls through so you don’t have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping. • We’re cheap as hell. We consistently analyze traffic to give you the best possible deal and rates based on your calling behavior. • With our ingenious app we can give you a unique experience with exceptionally low rates and stable phone lines. That’s why we connect more than a billion minutes of calling every year. With Rebtel there are two ways that you can call internationally. International calling for everyone, everywhere: • With our subscriptions you can call as much as you want to any mobile or landline in more than 50 countries. Each payment is valid for one month and is renewed automatically at the end of the month. • Or you can choose to pay as you go with World Credits to call any country in the world at the lowest possible rates. Popular countries include Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, India and Mexico. Free international calls between Rebtel Users: • Make free, unlimited and internet-free calls to friends in over 50 countries, as long as they have the app. We use real phone lines which means we can guarantee excellent call quality. So become a Rebel and start calling. Popular countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France.



  • Rebtel is the best APP for International calls period

    By Charlie I. Bear DE
    I have been using Rebtel for many years, it reliable and reasonably priced.
  • Went from doable to bad

    By JmccoyNYC
    It was working fine for a whilst and then when I tired to call a few months back. It stop dialing through. It give me a busy fail tone right away. Try to resolve it w help desk but it's useless. The question they ask are impossible to answer as it ask for answer there you can barely fill in since you have to either write down the error message right away and fast and try to remember the rest to input the info in the window. And if you manage to get it in they just come back with more question.
  • Súper

    By lauranibek
    Muy buen servicio y agradecida por el tiempo regalado
  • Super App!

    By ManojiPhone
    I’ve been using Rebtel for at least ten years since before the app came out—before smartphones! The new incarnation of the app is great and the sound quality is superb.
  • Can’t make a call

    By 313 king Patel
    Rebtel is a good app but I am trying to make a call and just recharged but still when I am calling they said expires in 2 hours. Please provide me a customer care number.
  • My first call to Eritrea

    By binnyman15🇪🇷
    My first time trying and so far so good 👍🏾👍🏾
  • Get it!

    By Culasso
    This is pretty decent for the price!
  • Bunny

    By Pjbunnie
    My first time usage, it was clear. Nice app
  • Fantastic

    By Mohammed Gady
    I really recommend this app if you are abroad and you want make an overseas call 👍🏼 Good quality Work on both wifi and cellular data
  • All Over Europe

    By Iw4i
    Currently traveling all across Europe and Rebtel has been a lifesaver!