Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

By Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.

Score: 3
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Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app. • See what’s on sale at Whole Foods Market® and Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. Browse weekly sales at your favorite location to find the latest deals on the products you love. • Prime members save even more in store Prime members receive special savings on select items, plus an extra 10% off hundreds of Whole Foods Market weekly sales prices. Sign in with your Amazon account, then show the QR code in the app at checkout.



  • Horrible

    By abdesignoriginal
    Horrible UI. I mean sure I don’t want to log in using my amazon, but even then, from their side, they should make you want to. The app itself is just an endless scrolling of your local store’s coupons. There’s no way to search for the nearest Whole Foods, no way to search for products they have in a specific store, no option to have delivery or pull up and have your groceries ready like every other grocery store has, no functioning aspects that a basic grocery app or even basic shopping app needs. This app is a joke.
  • Useless

    By GK in CA
    Horrible app. Worked once, then hid the barcode despite logging in and out multiple times. Deleted and reinstalled the app twice. No change. It has ONE FUNCTION. And it doesn’t work.
  • Used to love it

    By JerseyMermaid01
    Can no longer open it. Just keeps saying “cannot open this page , please try again “ ended up deleting it :(
  • Stay Away

    By Andybaby131982420
    Pointless app. Very few discounts. They’re just tracking your purchases in order to sell ads.
  • No signal in store

    By Scottbuster619
    If you build an app that requires me to have a signal to get discounts you shouldn’t build a store in a concrete bunker that blocks cell signals.
  • No customization, why all the meat?

    By rossmir
    I appreciate being able to see sales at the store, but as somebody who loves animals, it’s a real turn-off that when I have to scroll through all the pics of meat and cheese. Amazon is so good about offering customization and choice; why is this app so basic and why are 40%+ of the sales items show of animal-based foods?
  • Can’t even see hours of stores!

    By arlena07
    I understand that since Amazon bought WF, this app is only to see what’s on sale and scan your Prime code at checkout. No more access to recipes or products, etc. However, I think listing locations WITH the hours the stores are open is a basic need and should be included.
  • Receipt scanning feature

    By Scient5000
    Need a receipt scanning feature to view the purchase history and for easy returns similar to the Walmart the app. Why is this so difficult to implement?
  • It’s just a barcode

    By HateLync
    No actual app functionality. There’s no real reason for this app to exist. You cannot browse their products at all.
  • No Passbook support = why?

    By c5bear
    An app for showing your Whole Foods loyalty barcode (👍) that doesn't let you add aforementioned barcode to iOS Passbook (🤬🤯).