RV Companion Lite

RV Companion Lite

By Creative Logic Entertainment, Inc.

Score: 3
From 372 Ratings


RV Companion makes it simple and fun for Recreational Vehicle and Pop-Up camper enthusiasts to track all of their RV and camping information in one easy-to-use app. The RV Companion application tracks supplies, campground and site information, reservation contact details, RV information, tow vehicle information, maintenance records, procedures (winterizing, starting the water heater, etc.), and trip logs for each campground. Special utility features include a camper leveling mode with yellow bubble levels. This is the LITE version of RV Companion. Features include: TO DO: Quickly enter needed supplies as you think of them or run out of them while camping. Also track to do items for the camper, like stuff to fix. Entries are grouped by categories and a quick check-off list for easy shopping is provided. A great tool to keep all of your RV related info in one place between trips. Never loose that supply list again or leave it in the camper! CAMPGROUNDS: Record campground information like services, near by attractions, and contact information. Link contacts to your address book. Rate campgrounds from 0 to 5 stars for future reference and sorting. Track specific camp sites that have been visited and track potential sites for future visits. Sites can be rated as well. View and enter trip log information for each visit to the campground for future reference. TRIP LOG: Keep a record of visits to campgrounds and record information like fishing catches, friends that you meet, attractions that were visited and nearby restaurants. Flag important entries for quick retrieval later. Entries are grouped by campground. A great way to keep a history of your RV experiences. RV INFO: Keep important RV information in one easy to find place. Record data like specifications, registration numbers, inspection expiration date, camper length (great for site registration), dealer contacts, service center info, insurance info, replacement tire type, etc. Also track information for a tow or pull-behind vehicle. Track scheduled and past RV maintenance and even generate an emailable report. LEVELER: A built in bubble leveler will help you level out an RV by estimating the thickness of spacers to place under the tires. Note: The Leveler requires a one-time calibration. PROCEDURES: Keep all procedure lists in one place like winterizing the camper, last minute items to check before leaving the house, etc. Never have to track down a camper manual again by creating procedures in the RV Companion. The RV Companion is a great tool to organize and collect all of your RV camping information in one place.



  • Good Idea Fair Execution

    By Magpipe
    This app has good ideas. It allows you to create check lists of procedures, for example; how to winterize your RV. It allows you to store your RV information like your model number inspection date, tire size, etc. You can make lists. The app can be used as a flashlight and a fairly accurate level. These functions are fairly handy BUT if you cannot sync this app with other devices. It seems to lack little things like where to make an easy shopping list! how to look up camping sties, where to record your trailer appliance information, where to record the width of your trailer with the slides out. I tried the free version. Probably won't get the paid one.
  • Almost

    By JC nickname
    I have been on the road about 100 days and I like the idea of the map showing all of our campgrounds along the way. But I didn't like the fact that I had to add the name of the campground in one section and then add the trip information in another area. Some of the extra things like a level or flashlight are ok but I find a dedicated app for those items are just as easy to open by themselves rather than going into an app and then opening them. With a couple of changes In being able to add the campground name at the same time I'm adding the trip date, location and comments I would give it 5 stars. Update. I love the update that came with iOS 11. I can now send a pdf report of my trip log information to my email. It also uses the gps location to locate the actual towns that your Camp was located in. This surprised me when I pulled up my old campsites gps coordinates and it would change them to city and state. I also try to add a picture of each campsite so I can remember what it was like. 5 stars.
  • This is a handy app to have for camping

    By Claybustin
    I've been using this app for over a year now. I use this app for the trip log mostly but having a place to keep all the RV info is great. The one feature I would really like to see is the ability to add photos to the either campground or trip log to have a visual to add to the memory's. I open the trip log to give details of specific sites to friends but need to change to the photo album for pictures. I find that the flashlight and level features are a waste of time. The iPhone comes with the flashlight and I have 3 other apps with a level as well as my RV. Save room in the program and include features that make this app truly unique to RV users.
  • I don't use most of the capabilities

    By Billhobbssantabarbara
    The only function I use is the leveler, but it is a big help.
  • Great app.

    By Spellcheck72
    Very good way of making a checklist. Flashlight needs updating. Needs to utilize the flash. I'm thinking of buying the full version but it's kind of steep. I'd buy if it's $1.99.
  • Drop box Sync Issues

    By StinsonDriver
    Haven't been able to really use it. I built some campground folders to rate them on an upcoming trip from my iPhone and backed it up on my Drop Box. I restored to my iPad, and it hasn't worked on the iPad since. Bummer... It looked like a winner app! but the interop is broken.
  • Great app but....

    By Baddogbb
    Great app for RV's for packing your trailer, setting up, and putting things up when leaving. Only issue is it will crash when you delete an item off a list. App will start right back up without issues and the deleted item will be gone. Fix that and you get five stars.
  • Crashing

    By Justastupidname
    Every time I click on the camper type, crash.
  • Crashes

    By LL2813
    Please fix. I love the level
  • Crashes

    By Yqwert
    Won't open. Crashes