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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2009-10-29
  • Current Version: 8.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Developer: left brain / right brain, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Get the most out of your closet - for the price of a latte or a gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life! Stylebook® has over 90 features to help you curate your closet and get more out of what you own! Import your actual clothes, create magazine-style outfits, plan what to wear, create packing lists and learn more about your wardrobe with statistics like cost per wear - in this totally customizable app! AS SEEN IN THE NEW YORK TIMES JUNE 12, 2017 Stylebook is an expert wardrobe organization and closet management tool created by a fashion industry insider, who got her start as an intern in the Vogue fashion closet and is an alum of Lucky magazine. Included in Condé Nast Traveler's "Best Travel Apps for Packing" and Mashable's "Ten Fresh Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts" 2014 Tabby Awards - Users' Choice Winner in the Lifestyle Category Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. REVIEWS "Easily see what is working and what isn’t" - "A must for Cher Horowitz types!" - Vogue Australia "Closet-organization apps allow you to catalog your wardrobe and play stylist...I find Stylebook to be the most intuitive." - New York Times "Brilliance!" - Lucky magazine "Our new wardrobe secret weapon is the @StylebookApp" - THE OUTNET.COM 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Fashion Week - Vogue Paris "The Clueless virtual closet exists in real life, OMG" - Cosmopolitan UK "...the ultimate wardrobe manager" - InStyle "9/10...Best wardrobe organizer ever" - Wired App Guide "Perfect if you've caught yourself daydreaming about tomorrow's outfit with nowhere to jot it down." - Wall Street Journal "...wardrobe organization at its best" - FabSugar FEATURES • CLOSET: add images of your own clothes • BACKGROUND REMOVAL TOOLS: cut out your clothes for easy collaging • LAY OUT OUTFITS: layer and resize clothing on a free-form canvas • OUTFIT SHUFFLE: shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal new outfit ideas hiding in your closet! • ICLOUD BACKUP: protect your data by backing up with iCloud • PACKING LISTS: add whole outfits, plan how you'll pack ahead of time, generate printable checklists and infographics • STYLE STATS: insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, including what you wear the most, what you wear the least and which items get the most bang for the buck • BROWSE YOUR CLOSET: See your closet organized by brand, fabric, color, size and more • NO LIMITS: add unlimited clothing, accessories and inspirations to your outfits • CALENDAR: plan what to wear in advance • CUSTOM CATEGORIES: add, edit or delete any category in your closet, looks and inspiration library • SHOP: mobile shopping catalog of over 7,000 retailers powered by ShopStyle • INSPIRATION LIBRARY: track and save your style inspiration • STYLE EXPERT: read interviews with fashion insiders, learn how to manage your wardrobe, find out how to make your wardrobe last, and more! • SEARCH: search your closet for keywords or properties like fabric, season, color, etc. • SHARE: share outfits and clothes with friends via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest • WIFI TRANSFER: transmit looks, clothing items or inspiration to other iOS devices • HELP: searchable how-to manuals and demo videos included • E-MAIL SUPPORT: in case you need help, contact ALSO FEATURED BY: - Better Homes & Gardens - Good Housekeeping - Real Simple - Harper's Bazaar UK - NYLON - Marie Claire - The Los Angeles Times - Refinery29 - #1 on "8 Fashion Apps Worth Downloading" - The Tyra Banks Show - New York magazine's "The Cut" - And more - visit for the full list! DEMO VIDEOS: - Visit to watch demo videos of the app! If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to send us an email at!



  • Superb styling with Stylebook

    By Cass' closet
    I share this great app with everyone. I love it.
  • Functional and fun!

    By SoniaDT
    So helpful when I’m traveling and need to pack! It’s also a fun app to spend time on.
  • Great app by would like to sync automatically

    By Spinxuser
    Love this app! I use it daily. I gave this app 4 stars because I wish it could sync between my iPhone and iPad automatically. It would be nice to view to my calendar with item on both devices without adding them manually. I would even be willing to pay extra for that feature
  • Sync with iCloud needed

    By lovegapbrands
    This is a great app with lots of features. My biggest complaint is that it does not sync with iCloud. So it is really time consuming to keep up on my phone and iPad. I add items with my phone since camera is easier to use than iPad. And add daily outfits. But then it takes forever to transfer additions from phone to iPad. This upgrade to sync with iCloud would be a real game changer.
  • I enjoy using this I wish it had more features

    By mimi buckles
    One thing I would love is that you could instantly send all the content to iPad or another iPhone. Right now the only way to add is to added by categories so it looks like you can add your outfits category or your closet category but you have to do it one by one. One future I would really like is a “style me” feature. It might even be fun to add a social component to this. To allow people access to your closet to play around and make outfits for you. I think this would really enhance interest in the app and the value of the app. Right now there’s no social component whatsoever that I have found. Right now they do have something that shuffles components of your wardrobe but you have to manually enter each item of clothing to shuffle so it didn’t look like the right thing for me. What they could do would be to shuffle outfits According to characteristics. For instance this app you can label each item of clothing as to winter summer and spring it would be really cool to just say “put together five new spring outfits for me.” And it could search your app for spring items in colors that coordinate. But right now it doesn’t do that you have to manually choose each item of clothing and then have the app put those items together in different ways.By the time I’ve chosen different items of clothing I’ve pretty much made different outfits myself. I sort of want to be surprised! Would be great if I could share outfits from an app with friends to get their feedback at the very least. There could just simply be a share button on eachOutfit. I’m not sure if the developers have found a way to successfully monetize the app so I think that’s why they’re haven’t been ongoing updates and new features added. I for one am really glad I’m not blasted with a bunch of ridiculous ads every time I open it that slow down using it. That’s really important and I would definitely pay to not have that happen. So I’m grateful to the developers for keeping it clean and simple! You can tell it was put together by people who really do enjoy style and putting together outfits. On the plus side, it really is helpful to be able to lay out outfits especially for planning a trip where I want everything in my suitcase to match with every other thing. I love how you can pinch things to resize them and move them around to make cool little fashion magazine outfit layouts. It’s really fun! Photographing your clothes is easy once you get in the hang of it. Now every time I buy something new I make sure to take out my photo backdrop paper and leave things down Adam immediately to my closet on the app. I’m fortunate in that there is a photographer who works in my building and she throws out her old photo backdrop paper and I snag it cut it into the right size and roll it up with a rubber band and stick it in the back of my closet. I think it would be a little fussy trying to do it on a sheet because every little wrinkle will show up and that means extra editing. As they say, nothing with texture works well for a background in not many of us have solid blame floors carpets walls without any texture or pattern. Trust me I’ve tried it with the most solid colored piece of furniture and flooring I have and it still shows the texture and means I have to erase it all manually. Another thing is that it’s really hard to see your clothes on your phone screen. So details like patterns don’t show up in the closet view. Also if you have more than one pair of jeans or black pants they tend to all look the same In the thumbnail version on a tiny screen. Also pre-much all the dark colors blend together so you’re not sure if you’re looking at dark green, dark blue or black most of the time. One fix for this week to be able to tag or name them and those names of each animal of clothing would show up in the thumbnail. So basically right now I have to tap on top or Jean in the midst of making an outfit it’s a hassle to get back out because I must navigate all the way back to the closet and then look again and try and remember which one I tapped and make sure not to tap that one again. Another cool thing would be to be able to re-organize your closet by certain categories. If you take the time to fill out the information about your item of clothing in the editor such as price, season, color, fabric it would be awesome if you could just automatically pull up everything in the closet maid of merino wool or that is a certain color. I’m going to try it out on the iPad To make it easier to view things hopefullybut it’s going to be a project Migrating everything over. Because as I said at this point you have to do it category by category you cannot sync it. So if I take a photo of something in the iPad it won’t automatically and up on my phone. So then I have two closets and I’m constantly going back-and-forth and trying to add individual items too. Sort of a pain. So it seems like a really important feature to get a sync function happening.
  • The best virtual closet experience

    By olga.tsibulina
    It saves my time and my energy to put outfits together, to pack, to make purchase! Love it!
  • Use it everyday

    By wymom!!!
    I love the app but I wish you could do 1 thing. I wish it was an option to have a little number appear on outfits to show how many times it has been worn. If I have already worn an outfit I would rather wear another outfit but right now I have to click on each outfit to see if I have worn it. If it showed a little # I could see at a glance. It could be an option so if someone didn’t want that they could shut it off. There could also be settings so the # could show times ever worn or worn in current month or year, etc. Thank you!!!
  • Best Wardrobe Planner!!!

    By LEEDLE Force 1017
    Keep track of all your clothing easily with this app. Create outfits for each season or occasion wherever you are. E.g., you can create a packing list while waiting to pick up your kids or at your hair appointment. You will discover new combinations to wear and really be able to utilize what you already own. You will know when you wore each outfit so you don’t keep wearing the same thing. One thing I wish they would do more of is give wardrobe advice like examples of ways to update each season and capsule wardrobe ideas, etc.
  • Nonsense

    By Monis_h
    There is no way I will complete the tasks needed for this app during my life time. Complete waste of money! You have to make your own outfits and find your own inspirations. Boo!
  • Amazing app!!!!

    By HannahBanana13579
    Would it be too much to say this app is life changing? Maybe but it’s true. I’ve never been well organized in my clothes, or good at putting outfits together. This app has changed all that. I love that I have an inventory in my phone of all my current fashion. That way when I go shopping, I don’t make the mistake of purchasing same or similar items I already have. I keep a calendar of what I wear so I don’t repeat the same outfits too often. So many great features to this app. I just discovered you can take photos of yourself wearing looks to Inspiration. And then add that photo as part of your look. I love this! I LOVE THIS APP & ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!