CodeRED Mobile Alert

CodeRED Mobile Alert

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Thousands of public safety organizations across the United States and Canada use the CodeRED community notification system to initiate emergency notifications. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their personal cell phone whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country. Alerts are initiated by authorized public safety officials to deliver location-based notifications and are not issued by OnSolve or its staff. Free alerts available* - Emergency - Community - Missing persons *PLEASE NOTE: If the public safety agency covering your current location is not subscribed to the CodeRED service, you will not receive alerts through this application. If your city or state does not currently subscribe to CodeRED, contact your local public safety organization today to let them know your community would benefit from this service. Helpful hints: • Enable location services on your phone. • The app also features the ability to view local radar footage for the past hour and satellite imagery of the previous 24 hours. • The CodeRED Mobile Alert app comes with a complimentary 30-day trial of CodeRED Mobile Weather Alerts that automatically notifies U.S.-based subscribers of severe weather. The optional CodeRED Weather Warning add-on is $0.99/year, but it is NOT required to purchase in order to receive emergency, general, and missing person alerts. • Your app account and the account you create for your community’s CodeRED system are NOT associated with each other. You must create separate accounts. Questions or issues regarding the app? Before writing a negative review, please contact us – we’re here to help! Email us at or call toll-free at 866-533-6935.



  • Website logs in, but app fails to log in with same credentials.

    By Just another IT guy.
    This has been an ongoing problem in addition to accounts just being randomly deleted. Good idea, bad execution.
  • Fell for this

    By tcowden
    I thought this app would be a good addition, but as soon as I installed it I began getting SPAM email to the email account that the program sets up for your “alerts.” Not what I signed up for. Into the trash it goes.
  • Impossible to login

    By thehumanyawn
    If you've signed up on their site and used Google, Twitter, or Facebook to log in you can't login into this app. It also glaringly omits the ability to use password managers if you wanted to register an account directly with them. If you've failed to get right the first thing your customer interacts with, I can't help but wonder what else might be wrong with it.
  • Frustrating!!!!

    By Puddle jumper121
    The app. won’t let me create an account!!!!
  • ♥️ it

    By 💕Kbug💕
    It helps me know if there is something happening, if there is a fog delay at schools, snow delays, ice delays. EVERYTHING! Totally recommend!
  • Alerts Don’t Work

    By Slarvey
    Don’t receive any notifications and alerts won’t open. Such a huge disappointment. Needs updated but dev won't do it.
  • Doesn’t work. Left me high and dry during Irma.

    By couldn't help it
    I was having issues with this app not alerting me to anything during hurricane Irma. I reported it was not working. Was told to remove the app and download it again. I did that. It now will not let me sign in to it and will not let me register again. Keeps saying error please try agin. Why?!?!
  • No info in my area!

    By 119suko
    I’ve set the alert area to 13 miles around me. When I check it, it shows exactly where I am (FL!!!), but I only see the alerts from North of Tennessee! Really?!?! That does not make any sense! Useless!
  • We just had the most destructive fire in California’s history!

    By mjohnmd
    Not sure why other reviews were bad. We’re in Northern California and this was extremely helpful during the fires. Thank you for the app!
  • Too much abuse

    By MrmischiefVIP
    UPDATED REVIEW: I wrote the review below back in June 2017 and uninstalled the app. At my father's request I installed it again. You see, my dad is a disaster and emergency services coordinator and a customer of CodeRED, he's one who sets up these alerts albeit for a different state than where I reside. It hasn't been 24 hours and already I'm going to uninstall because the officials in my state are still too dumb to realize that marking everything as "emergency" makes the service an annoyance and not helpful. Until CodeRED works on actively educating their customers on how to make the alerts useful rather than annoying there is no point in having this installed. You will get more accurate, useful information, sadly, by just looking outside. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Seems like a nice idea but the problem is that every agency marks everything they want to alert to as an "emergency." So when you have missing person alerts disabled you'll still get the full blown emergency alert for some one reported missing on the other side of the state. There are multiple options those issuing the alert can choose, making everything highest priority makes the app useless.