The Flight Tracker Pro

The Flight Tracker Pro

By International Airport Flight Track Technologies

Score: 4.5
From 8,977 Ratings


Keep track of your flight's details. Get the info you want quickly and right away. Check easily when it's time to go pick up a friend. Travel safe & enjoy your flight! The Flight Tracker is the go-to app for managing and tracking your flights. It contains in depth information about all available flights and airlines; arrivals, departures, terminal & gates, delays, and much more. The Flight Tracker is the most convenient flight app you will find on the App Store....Your ultimate flight tracking tool. FLIGHTS • Track any flight in the world • Detailed Departure and Arrival information • Terminal and Gate information updated in real-time • Detailed Aircraft information & Seat Maps • Automatically synchronizes with your TripIt account • Plan your flights in Trips • Layover information is automatically displayed • Save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled/Actual Departure or Arrival Time changes • Gate and Terminal changes • Flight Status changes • You can also schedule Departure/Arrival reminders (don’t forget to pick up your friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any airport worldwide • Flight Board of all departures/arrivals per airport • Easy airport delay info • Map of all Flights to and from an airport • Terminal Maps for major airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport (up to 10 days!) AIRLINES • Find any airline worldwide • Detailed airline info • Flight Board and Map of all flights per airline MAPS • Zoom-able Maps with live flight track info and weather service • Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes SHARING • Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud • Sync with your Calendar • Save personal notes, label your flights or store flight information of any flight you wish -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK! -- As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your experience to Do you love our app? Please rate and review us in the App Store! -- ENJOY YOUR TRIP --



  • Wrong

    By Bob501234
    Arrival and departure time wrong on my flights. According to American Airlines. Where do you guys get your information?
  • Does not sync via iCloud

    By / //
    I have purchased a yearly subscription on my iPhone. The iPhone app and the iPad app don’t sync. Terrible.

    By Deamus55
    This, simple to use app, makes watching the flights of family and friends fun. I can keep all parties involved of any delays or problems with their flights.
  • Excellent app!!!

    By ecneuQeS
    This app has been very beneficial for my and family needs while tracking. Kudos... awesome!
  • Amazing app!

    By Nnn90277
    An amazing app. It has helped me so much. Thank you!
  • The flights don’t appear

    By katomer
    I payed 5 dollars and the app never finds my flights! Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it is impossible that non of the flights I look for appear in the app.
  • Difficult to use

  • Not good

    By GQ1610
    Wish I could get my $5.99 back.... worst app ever
  • Used to good, now I can’t trust it

    By jokko82
    I have used this app for years and it used to be great. Since a year back it’s terrible. The app is unable to track 20-30% of my flights because of technical difficulties. Unacceptable.
  • No longer keeping flights up to date

    By LA business
    So worthless, really. It’s a shame, it was useful.