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  • Release Date: 2012-07-16
  • Current Version: 6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: David M. Reed Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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See two-minute introductory video at Attendance2 is a new app from the developer of the original iOS Attendance app. It is a complete rewrite of the app with a new data format to make it more flexible and easier to use. * Main Features * Easy to get started with and powerful features you can learn if you need them. Flexible importing of names from CSV file or your Contacts (videos on website show how to create an import CSV files) Display photos next to names while taking attendance. Photos can be taken with the device, imported from Dropbox, or from your Photo library. Statuses (i.e., Absent, Present, etc.) are customizable so you can add your own statuses. Each day includes a status, a second status, and a generic note field. Use the second status to track participation points or for dropoff/pickup (more information on website for how to do this). Manually select status for each person or scan QR or barcode to record a person's attendance status (Attendance2 will create QR codes for you). Optionally enter course meetings times (i.e., MWF 9AM) so you add your next class time with one tap or manually select meeting time if course does not meet at regular times. Standard fields for first, middle, last, email, etc. for each person plus 5 custom fields you can optionally use. Customize which person fields are visible while taking attendance in the Take settings. Multiple report options (spreadsheet, summary, detailed report) that can be emailed or saved to Dropbox in CSV format. Reports of students who have missed a specified number of classes to help identify at risk students. Customize what fields are included in the reports in the Report Settings. Each course is a separate data file and you can share your data file with teaching assistants or administrators by sending it to them in an email. Easily backup your data file to Dropbox or via email. Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion in various note fields. * Gestures while taking attendance * Tap photo to view larger photo or to change the photo. Tap name to enter the note for that day for the person. Tap and hold name to view/edit details for a person. Double tap a name to view summary report of attendance. Tap and hold status to select status from a list. Swipe right/left all the way across screen to switch to previous/next date. * Sharing data between multiple devices or people * Data cannot be synced between multiple users, but as long as you send the data file back and forth between multiple people and the person using it has the latest copy, mutliple people can take attendance at different times. For example, an instructor could take attendance on MWF, email the data file to his/her TA after class Wednesday and the TA could then take attendance at a recitation section on Thursday and email the updated data file back to the instructor afterwards so the instructor could use it again on Wednesday. The same instructions apply for using it on multiple devices - just share the data (via email or Dropbox) with your other device and make certain the device you're using at the momemnt has the latest copy of the data before you modify the data. As of version 2.0 of Attendance2, it includes all the major features of the original Attendance app (version 2.0 adds importing from your Contacts). I have a list of requested features and will continue to update the app regularly as I have time to work on it. While I can't promise to add every feature request, if you have a specific request, feel free to email it to me ( See for more information about the app. There are a few videos there showing more information about the app and how to use it.



  • Very good App

    By Hunter of fishes
    I have used this app for many, many years and....I purchased an iPad just to use this app, which is not on Android. It accomplishes my goal, which is relating student name to face to attendance. The Attendance app has been critical to me for a long time because I could quickly and easily capture student photo with student name and email those pictures with 2 clicks to supporting colleagues. I am still learning the new app & Mr. Dave is very responsive and has an FAQ web page with fast to-the-point tutorials that address your needs. There are various reports to email and I do hope that a one-click solution for emailing photos will be added. I absolutely love this app that is clearly by a teacher for teachers.
  • Great app for attendance...

    By Doctor of Music
    I am a choir director and have used Attendance2 for years. It has never been the “prettiest” app, but does it ever do the job. The developer does a great job of responding to questions. I have used this app to have choirs of 60 students scan in before class (I know of one director who had 120 and had students scan in via two different for males, one for females). I have used it on a tour, having students scan in as they walk by me. There are a number of ways to handle the scanning ability (QR codes). You can generate the QR codes outside the app, or the app will do so as well. You can print them or distribute them digitally. I found that my high school students, particularly on tour, would take a picture of the QR code and scan in with their phone—the backlighting of a phone works GREAT. Also...printing the QR code on labels (I bought a box of full page 1/2 page UPS labels), I could put labels in folders, causing students to have to have their folder at the start of class (there is a tendency in choir for students to get their folders AFTER warm-ups, which is always an annoyance for the teacher). I have taken attendance a number of ways, and this has always been the most effective and accurate. I can’t praise this app highly enough. So yes, it isn’t “pretty.” It doesn’t is a heavy weight champ in my world.
  • Where are the roster?

    By Davion2424
    I truly enjoy using the app. However, I wish the app would allow you to generate a daily roster of the students attendance.
  • Support

    By Chris Derry
    The developer was quick to respond back to me with quick fixes for the issues I was having. Thanks!!
  • Miss the original app!

    By evalarad
    I was forced to switch to the new version when the original app stopped working after an update, and boy, do I miss the old version! It was just much more user-friendly and intuitive. If possible, please get the buttons on the bottom of the screen back! I will most likely continue to use this app as it is still the best I could find, but I miss the simplicity of the original app.
  • I have gained so much class time!

    By Singatdcds
    As a choral director with classes of up to 50-60 kids, this app has been an absolute life saver! My kids each have a code on their folder, and they scan in as they enter the room!
  • Last date of attendance

    By Running:)
    This is a really good app. I used it to take attendance for the past three years. I teach at a community college, and normally have around five on ground classes 25 to 30 students in each class. I recommended the app to a colleague and he now uses it, and thinks it's awesome too!
  • Great app, decent UI

    By Jonsan32
    Review # 3 --- This app has definitely helped me grow my business. But with that had come another need to share the attendance among multiple coaches. I'd still recommend this app above all the rest, but it would seem fairly simple to add a one button sync to a Dropbox file that could also be shared. Right now the workaround is ridiculously inefficient. Also, for anyone who uses this data to dump to google sheets to process it all, I've found that it's simpler to save the emailed CSV directly to my online server and then link it to auto update on Sheets with the =importdata("URL") formula. Now I can do it all from my phone! Review # 2 *after update* --- After creating a spreadsheet that filtered everything correctly, this app works perfect. The UI improvement of the header color was a great and needed touch. Once you get to know the app, it's good. Still wish I could've just customized the spreadsheet output, rather than use a series of formulas and several sheets. Review #1 --- I wish the look and functionality were like the Red Hawk Attendance app. This one is a bit confusing and a tad tedious. Love the customization and calculations. I'd like it even more so if you could customize the exported spreadsheet a bit. My specific want would be to have just the names and the total scores showing. After months worth of classes, that's a lot of data to sort on the horizontal axis of my google doc. Overall, great app.
  • Ski Trip - Made Easy

    By c16rb
    For several years we have been using Attendance to keep track of @ 150 kids on an annual ski trip, among @ 15 chaperones. The data we use is pretty simple and the formatting is rudimentary (i.e. not flashy) but then information is critical and at finger tips of every chaperone. On the six hour bus ride to VT we have each kid come to the front and we verify all information and take their picture to add to the file. Having the picture on hand also good for safety, name recognition, etc.
  • Best I could find but...

    By Mrneutr0n
    I was looking for a simple way to capture attendance AND analyze the captured data. I used the previous app "Attendance" which would let me dump data to DropBox in a form I could be dropped into a database table without too much difficulty. Attendance2 added many nice new features. It really is a great app for most people, but the reporting is not friendly to databases. It takes a lot of effort to convert reports to simple normalized form, which would support data analysis. So, I went back to the old app until I acquired an iPhone 6s, which broke Attendance. Finally, I decided I did not need many bells and whistles and tried using Google sheets and Excel file on DropBox on my phone and then pulling the data down to Excel with ODBC queries. Both methods work great and I get data in neat tables for analysis. So for most of you, I would recommend Attendance2, but if you want to gather data tables for your own analysis, keep looking.