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The Misfit app is an easy-to-use fitness and sleep tracking app that drives Misfit’s suite of design-forward fitness trackers and smartwatches, including Misfit Vapor, Command, Path, Phase, Ray, Shine 2, Flash, and Shine. Beautiful and durable, all Misfit devices are swimproof and the fitness trackers never require charging (batteries can last up to 12 months depending on device). This app requires an iPhone 4S or newer. For product setup information and tutorials, including videos, visit: www.misfit.com/go What our customers say: “Used my Misfit Shine for over 10 months and it’s still a fun motivating gadget that doubles as a watch for me (and I lost 20 lbs).” “Beautiful and easy to use.” “The auto sleep tracking feature is amazingly accurate as is the activity tracking.” “Interface is detailed but easily read and transfers to MyFitnessPal seamlessly.” “I am an avid swimmer. This is the only wellness tracking device that is truly waterproof and provides so much functionality.” “Beautiful and intuitive. Misfit updates it frequently and truly listens to user ideas.” “Great customer service and support.” “I love that I can wear my Misfit 24/7 without worrying about charging it or taking it off to shower.” “I never want to be without my Shine ever again...A MUST have activity tracker. LOVE my Shine!” Use the Misfit app to access these features: - View detailed activity and sleep data (trackers only), including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept - Set up and receive notifications from your smartphone, including calls, text messages, and more - Create a goal and track your progress over time; view trends, including your activity levels over the course of the day, week, or month - Get lifetime insights on your profile, including total miles walked and average sleep - Log activity sessions including running, walking, basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, cycling, yoga, and dance - Add friends and compare your daily activity - Track your food with a photo food journal - Connect with your other favorite fitness, health, and smart home apps including Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Lose it!, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, IFTTT, Nest, and more - Shine 2 and Ray only: Enable a silent vibe alarm on your wearable to gently wake you up in the morning The app also supports Swarovski Activity Crystal, Speedo Shine. Don’t have a Misfit yet? Get yours now at misfit.com. Misfit designs smartwatches and fitness + sleep trackers. Misfit brand products include Misfit Vapor, Command, Path, Phase, Ray, Shine 2, and Shine and are available at misfit.com and fashion and consumer electronic retailers around the world. For product setup information and tutorials, including videos, visit: www.misfit.com/go Find us on Instagram @MisfitWearables and Twitter @Misfit.



  • Is there a problem with the Shine 2 being found by an iPad and syncing?

    By DC Area Resident
    For two days now since I have received my Shine 2, I have had to sync using my iPhone and only then, using WiFi, would my iPad get the info from my Shine 2. Also, I have scoured the internet and Misfit webpage to discover how to remove in order to reposition the shine2 within the very nicely re-engineered misfit shine 2 Sport Band, and have found NOTHING...not on you tube or google searches. Someone help! ☹️
  • No Heart rate monitoring!!

    By aaraiza
    Shine 2 works well, App is OK but used to check Heart rate and now doesn’t??
  • Frustrating to use

    By Claypot22
    It works when it wants to, it always fails to sync and my data doesn’t save or upload from days that I was very active. When I do get it to sync it will say no data. I’m wearing it coz it’s a pricey product and I’m justifying the cost. Otherwise, sticking to my Apple Watch.
  • Great looking UI but syncing is slow

    By KevinFiesta
    I wear a misfit Phase and every time I want to set up an alarm and or see my activity status the app takes about a minute to sync and I have an iPhone 8 ... I wish you guys could hurry the process. I know for a fact that other fitness apps and gadgets don’t take that long like the Fitbit.
  • Love this stylish and simplified tracker!

    By Aleika
    The misfit Ray is the perfect tracker for those wanting a stylish tracker with loooong battery life (4-6 months). Simple and easy to keep track of activities and sleep while also offering notifications for texts, calls, alarms and reminders to move. Love it!!!!
  • I love it

    By brilovesthis
    Hey this is so good it keeps me on track
  • Good but not great.

    By Johnny Appleseed's cousin
    The app is well designed and does everything you need. Unfortunately it feels a little rough around the edges at points. You can’t set an alarm for just week days. It’s either on every day or no days. When you do set it to be on everyday it’s not reliable unless every night you switch it off, sync, turn it on, and sync again. Even then there’s a chance it wont work in the morning. This wouldn’t be that bad if it was an instant on/off, but syncing can take 15-20 seconds each time and it gets to be a hassle every night.
  • Calories

    By Sass18
    I like the bracelet and the app, but I cannot adjust the calories. It says I but over 1000 a day! I wish!
  • Nice Product, Assistance Appreciated Though

    By LL77Gal
    If I change time zones, when it syncs, it goes into confusion mode and records nothing for that day when in fact I may have walked 3-5 miles. In addition there is no way of adding an activity after that day has ended. (When in a program, there is no way to correct and log these mishaps or when one forgets to wear their misfit product.) May I ask why not?
  • Amazing!

    By Honest-Abe App Reviews
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This app works perfectly! I have only had it for about three days and I am already getting much better sleep than usual. You can set sounds to help you sleep and it puts me to sleep in minutes! I just wish that there was an easier way to connect my Flash to the app. You have to re-connect to Bluetooth every time you want to see how many more steps you got. But overall, this is a five star app! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️