By Edovia Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-09-18
  • Current Version: 4.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 29.29 MB
  • Developer: Edovia Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,373 Ratings


Control your computer from anywhere. Screens lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC and control it from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world. Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server ten thousand miles away, help your dad configure his computer in your hometown. Screens is fast, secure and reliable. KEY FEATURES • Curtain Mode Curtain Mode obscures the display on remote Macs you connect to. Useful if you don't want anyone to see what you're doing. • Connect Safely Screens can connect back to your computer through a secured connection. Enable Remote Login on your Mac and you’re done! Screens also support SSH keys. • Connect from Everywhere Install Screens Connect on your Mac or Windows PC and make it easily reachable from anywhere in the world. • Powerful Gestures Control your computer with all the trackpad gestures you’re used to and more! • Shortcuts Toolbar Screens’ scrollable shortcuts toolbar ensures that you'll always have your favorite shortcuts at hand when you need them. • Display Selection For Macs with several attached displays, Screens lets you select an individual one or you can show them all at once. Plus, it can remember your last selection for future sessions. • Clipboard Sharing Exchange rich text, URLs, images and more via your local or the remote clipboard. Screens can also keep them in sync. • Session Selection If there is someone logged in on a remote Mac, Screens can ask to share their screen or it can start a new session — your choice! • Mobile Trackpad Turn your extra iOS device into an external trackpad to control your computer’s cursor in Screens! This is a great addition to your iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard. • Help Out Your Friends or Relatives Have them download our free Screens Express utility and gain access their Mac to help them troubleshoot issues, update apps, etc. OTHER FEATURES • iCloud and Dropbox synchronization • Full hardware keyboard support • iPad Multitasking Support • Full 3D Touch Support • URL Schemes Support • Secure your content with Touch ID • 1Password integration • AirPlay Mirroring • Send commands to your computer before disconnecting • And so much more! IN THE PRESS “Screens is, simply put, the best screen sharing app for iOS” — Dan Moren, Macworld “Screens for iOS is the best remote access solution for accessing our Macs when away from home.” — Bradley Chambers, The Sweet Setup “Solid update to Edovia’s excellent utility for remotely logging into a Mac or PC from an iPhone or iPad.” — John Gruber, Daring Fireball “Screens is now the best VNC client for iOS.” — Rene Ritchie, iMore “Screens easily justifies the investment for serious users by increasing productivity.” — Steve Paris, Mac|Life SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS • A VNC Server, such as UltraVNC or TightVNC, is required to connect to a Windows PC. • Windows and Linux PCs can only send or receive text and URLs. • Screens will not receive any sound from your computer. This is a limitation of the RFB protocol the app is using. • Screens Connect requires OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later. You will need to create a free Screens ID. See Screens’ User Guide for details.



  • When It Works, It’s Great

    By bad_andy
    I’ve been testing it since purchase last night. I like that it supports encrypted VNC on a local network over SSH. The trouble happens when using Screens with a Bluetooth-connected Apple Keyboard. So far, about a quarter of the time, the on-screen keyboard tries to pop up unnecessarily. When dismissed the toolbar that includes the only way to gracefully terminate the session is shoved to the top and then scrolled out of the window, obscuring both part of the Remote Desktop and leaving me with no way out but to force-quit the app.
  • Worked with this for a week...

    By rostasi
    ... and I still can’t get it to work. It’s fine locally, but, of course, that’s not what I need it for, so I’m searching elsewhere for something more intuitive. Even with Screens Connect it wouldn’t work properly.
  • Better than Parallel’s Access

    By haymoose
    This App has matured and is a solid option a small business can afford. Thank you.
  • Connection Problems and Huge Lag

    By Mr. Lucas Brice
    I’ve been having connection issues. Sometimes it connects, but when I try to connect later on, it just says “connecting.” Nothing happens. The times that I’m able to connect, there’s an unacceptably long lag about half the time. Restarting the computer doesn’t fix the problem. Rebooting my iPad fixes it. I contacted support. They asked me to send a report, which I did. They ignored it. Now they want me to send a diagnostic report again (see below), even though they ignored it when I sent one a few weeks ago. I’m now looking for another VNC solution because Screens is unreliable and their support is sketchy.
  • Refund

    By Alexandrrrrr19996
    Is it possible to refund the money for this purchase? I bought it on accident.
  • Micro transactions on a $20 app!?

    By hardly_dangerous
    The app itself works pretty well, and setting it up across different platforms is simple enough... my biggest gripe is that the developer throwing on micro transactions for things that I would expect an app this expensive to have. Nothing beats a prompt to spend even more money on an app.
  • Skeptical no more

    By Pariah Zero
    I saw the price and thought to myself: how can yet another Remote Desktop client possibly be better than the legion of (far cheaper) clients I’ve used for over a decade? Remote clients are about as utilitarian as software comes: just show me the other computer’s screen and let me pass input to it. They do their job by getting out of the way. Screens has managed to pull it off - it’s hands down the best iOS VNC client I’ve used. It has an amount of polish and thought in its design that I didn’t think possible. It “gets out of my way” better than anything else I’ve tried, letting me focus on the task at hand.
  • Constant ads!

    By Xevious Mann
    Constantly kicks me out of a connection with an ad for screens connect. Tapping no just gives me a few minutes til it happens again.
  • Auto Config Needs Work

    By Dave_Marsh
    I’ve been using this app for years since John Gruber recommended it. It works pretty well on my local network, but has problems auto configuring to AT&T routers for remote access. It auto configured fine with my Apple AirPort Extreme router at my last home, when I was using a Comcast gateway for my Internet access, but after moving to another location and switching to an AT&T router, it now requires complex manual port configuration to open ports for remote access. This is scary enough for me that I’ve stopped using it for remote access, and now use iTeleport for remote access. It seems to have no problem configuring itself to allow remote access through my AT&T router. The primary usability difference between Screens and iTeleport is that Screens uses direct screen touching to take actions, whereas iTeleport uses a pointer cursor to control the remote computer. The touch interface seems cool at first, but soon gets in the way since you can’t see what you’re touching under your finger. The arrow pointer works just like a mouse, and hence is easier for me to use when I’m accessing my main computer from my tiny iPad screen. But, of course, YMMV. The developer got back to me about by configuration issue, which is fine, but misses my point. There are many tools around to remote access devices on your local network that require a level of expertise to configure. I’m not interested in potentially corrupting my internet router by manually playing with its configuration. I’m only interested in apps that will automatically configure it for me. Screens auto configured fine on my old Comcast router. It doesn’t on my new AT&T router. iTeleport auto configures fine on both.
  • Hit or miss

    By Rey G
    This thing is hit or miss if it’s actually gonna connect. Unreliable at best.