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The Official F1® App is the only way to follow the Formula 1® season: latest news and videos, exclusive live race features, results and standings, plus the essential information on your favourite teams and drivers. ► Follow F1® absolutely free on your iPhone and iPad with: * Latest news, features and videos * Live Leaderboard (limited) during every race, qualifying and practice session * Post-race highlights * Results, championship standings, race schedules & more ► With an F1® Access annual or monthly subscription, the Official F1® App offers the premium digital race experience, with extensive Live Timing data from all Grand Prix sessions: * Sector times with intervals and gaps, tyre history and pit stop information * Interactive 3D driver tracker map, with gears and speeds, plus Drag Reduction System (DRS) usage indicator * In-corner analysis comparing drivers’ entry, apex and exit speeds * Immersive dashboard with text commentary (English, French and German), and English audio commentary (local audio commentary also available for selected races) * Team radio and Race Control Messages Get F1® Access to unlock premium content in the App with either an annual or monthly subscription. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a price according to your local store currency. The price will be shown in the App before you complete the payment. Annual and Monthly subscriptions auto-renew unless explicitly turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period and you will be charged accordingly. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:



  • Crap

    By g13adsamy
    For 12$ a month, I would like an app that works. Or have a real library. I’m canceling this month.
  • Videos don't play. Need add "comment" section

    By Iiternal
    First of all, I did not pay the subscription so I don't have the issues mentioned by other subscribers. I mainly use the app for checking game time and occasion news. For these two purposes, the app serves the functions well. However, I can feel the frustration when using the app. The game results always took a long time to appear. The news section had a lot of videos, but they just don't play. When they do, they never play smoothly. I also suggest adding a comment section below the news stories. It would be very interesting to see the reaction of the f1 fans.
  • Can’t get out of Q2

    By Free User7492
    I want to like this app. I want it to be useful; even “required” but like Red Bull - not quite there yet.
  • Needs some work...

    By Gingervitis03
    News is great however 50% of the videos tell me the video is not encoded for my device. The live map tends to slow down and then jump ahead in time by several seconds. Not quite up to par for the subscription to be worth the money.
  • It’s gud

    By Pastor Maldonado
    Very gud
  • Nice idea but videos never play smoothly

    By Sssssssd18976433
    I love the app and the content including the race calendar and results. However, videos have NEVER played correctly on iPhone8, iPhone 6+, iPhone6s or iPad. Extremely frustrating!! I don’t have any issues playing videos across all other apps, including “low-budget” apps, so there is no excuse for this glitch from the world’s richest and most prominent motorsport app.
  • Don’t Subscribe!!! It’s a SCAM!!

    By Palinhe
    I payed my subscription for F1 TV Access trough App Store, the discount for the 1st year din’t apply and on the F1 website my subscription isn’t valid!!!! It’s a SCAM!!!! I emailed to get my money back and still waiting for my refund since 6/24/2018!!!
  • Don’t, just don’t.

    By KC9JCH
    If I could give zero stars, I would. Come on guys, if you are trying to access a younger fan base, the least you could do is hire someone to fix this app. The younger crowd is all about seeing it on line first and being able to take advantage of the technology for a more rich overall experience. I won’t subscribe until I see some five star reviews saying the app is now spectacular.
  • Worst app I've seen in a while

    By jsnyder48
    I downloaded this app to get caught up with the season and deleted it within maybe 4 minutes. It's terrible. You would think that with all the money that's in F1 that they could come up with a app that actually works well. Don't waste your time. You'll only get frustrated. The only reason i gave it 2 stars is because i did by mistake. This app is maybe a 1 star.
  • Broken since mid 2016 update.

    By dan_fdz
    In mid-2016 (or 2017?) the app was updated with a new look and several things were broken and remain without fixing, even after more than a year. Those being: 1. The “Latest” section in the app no longer supports landscape view on iPhone, when it did before. It is REALLY annoying to have to turn our phones back and forth between landscape and portrait to select an article or video, turn it sideways, view it fullscreen, turn it back, select another... back and forth EVERY. SINGLE. ARTICLE OR VIDEO. So annoying. And SUCH a simple fix too. I’m so fed up with it, just enable it please. 2. After said update, EVERY video lags and stutters when buffering, regardless of connection speed. This leads to literally MISSING the first ~5 seconds of EVERY video because the app simply will not buffer the first section of a video correctly. This functioned perfectly before: the video would load in low resolution, and eventually high resolution video would “pop-in” seamlessly. Now, the low resolution video stops completely, sound continues, and ~5 seconds later the high definition video starts along with the sound... so any on-board action or race event that you need to SEE (not hear) you will always miss. This forces us to play and buffer the entire video and rewind several times and SOMETIMES you can see what the heck happened at the beginning. Seriously, it’s as if NO ONE who develops this app actually uses it. These things alone make this app a grind to use, when it’s primary focus and most used “feature” is to deliver news/video. I really hate it right now. It’s been more than a year and no one notices? Again, I’m sure none of the devs actually use the app. Something to fix, FIA. Take notice.