BJJ Roadmap

BJJ Roadmap

By Grapplearts Enterprises Inc.

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  • Release Date: 2014-09-04
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Grapplearts Enterprises Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 68 Ratings


Do you want learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the right way? Then grab the BJJ Roadmap app and let the pieces of the puzzle immediately start coming together for you. BJJ is the most effective grappling system in the world, but it can be very confusing for your first couple of years of training. But BJJ can, and should, make sense! The BJJ Roadmap app is the perfect tool for getting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu right, right from the start. - Master the sense of overwhelm so you can confidently navigate your way among the different techniques and submissions in BJJ - Learn exactly how the different ground positions fit together so that you never feel lost on the mat again - Find out what exactly you should do next to get better at grappling - Discover the missing components you need to get your techniques to work in a real life sparring situation Using high quality video instruction this app will give you the strategies, tactics, techniques and training methods you need to get good at BJJ as fast as possible. WHAT YOU'LL GET IN THE FREE SECTION OF THE APP - A complete overview of the major BJJ positions and how they fit together - A detailed breakdown of the Closed Guard, Open Guard and Half Guard positions - Guard sweeps that take you from the bottom to the top - Guard passes you can use to cut your way through your opponent's defences - How to avoid the most common mistakes made on the top and the bottom WHAT YOU'LL GET IN THE PAID SECTION OF THE APP - Four more positions to round out your BJJ game, including Side Mount, Knee Mount, Rear Mount and the Turtle Position - Advanced details to take your game to the next level quickly and easily. - The best transitions to improve your position so you can keep your opponent continually on the defensive. - Effective escapes you can use even if your opponent is bigger than you - Overviews of the most common, most effective submissions from each position - How to avoid the mistakes that can lead to injury or months of wasted time and effort as you do the wrong thing again and again. This app covers a complete system for learning BJJ. It starts with the Roadmap concept so that you get the complete big picture of the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (along with the concepts, techniques and strategies used by almost every advanced player). I want you to know the ‘why, where, when, who and what’ of everything you learn in BJJ, which is why in this app we cover: - Why certain techniques work better than others. - Where your arms and legs MUST be to avoid giving your opponent an easy submission!f - When is the best time for trying specific moves? - Who is best suited for certain positions and submissions? - What the critical take-home details are, without which your technique just won’t work! Many BJJ students never end up learning the fundamentals of the art properly because these basics are so ‘obvious’ to their instructors that they don’t bother to pass them on to their students. But if the concepts, strategies and tactics of BJJ get laid out for you in a clear, concise and interesting manner (instead of you having to figure it all out through trial and error) then your skills will literally jump to a new level overnight. ABOUT STEPHAN KESTING Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt and an instructor in Combat Submission Wrestling. In addition to his grappling certifications he also has a Black Belt in Kajukenbo Karate and is a certified Instructor in Dan Inosanto’s Filipino Martial Arts, Majaphait Silat and Jun Fan JKD. With his series of best-selling apps, DVDs, and instructional programs he has helped tens of thousands of martial artists lift the level of their grappling game.



  • Bjj roadbook

    By Freaky_deek
    Laid out very well. Has really been helping my bjj game improve. I’m very happy to get into this app and if you like bjj, I’d highly recommend this app.
  • Great for beginner!

    By 2APatriot
    Very easy to follow with such clear and concise videos! I love how I can easily jump to the section I want to watch. If I was in someone’s close guard today and didn’t know what to do I can just watch the top position in close guard video to learn, love it!
  • Excellent!!!

    By Mike Ranieri
    Highly recommended to students and instructors. This combined with the E-Book breaks down key fundamentals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that will be used at all levels. The instruction is clear, as well as concise. Again, I would highly recommend buying the complete version of this app. Regardless of the price you can’t go wrong and won’t regret it, especially if you are new to submission grappling.
  • Really helpful videos

    By Warren Zoholic
    Beginner here, two months in. Great collection of content, been great to learn and review with. Looking at unlocking the premium content to help support and learn more.
  • Great fundamentals app

    By Gandhi101
    If you are a white belt do this app, the sub app, the sub defense app, and the guard sweep app. For a few bucks you will have all the basics and then some. If you are a blue belt then also get these app and make sure you know everyone of these moves. They won't produce game plans but give you the basic foundation you can then really build on.
  • Great material

    By zephyr037
    Well laid out. Not just a bunch of random moves but provides a system Or curriculum to guide you step by step in my opinion.
  • Kesting is a great teacher

    By lawdogk
    If you haven't had the pleasure, check out his YouTube videos. Very informative and easy to follow. You can tell he has the passion for BJJ and a gift for teaching.
  • A Must Have

    By Old Dude Jiu-Jitsu
    After 30 years of various combatives what do you do at 49 years old, take up BJJ. With BJJ being so extremely technical Coach Kesting's video tutorials are a must! So while resting and icing my joints I can review the various techniques. The instructions are presented in a manner that are easy to follow and shown from various angles. Thanks Coach Kesting for a great product line.
  • Fantastic App. A+

    By trocarsc
    I really enjoyed this app. My bottom game had been lagging behind my top game but this app caught my guard game up quickly! I really like that it is "concept" oriented (the brain retains concepts better than specific positions), so I found that I was able to take these concepts to the mat more quickly than some of the position oriented teaching that I've had in the past. Thank you, Professor Kesting for another wonderful product! A+rating.
  • Not worth $15 because no submissions

    By proteus-ix
    The content is pretty good, but all you get are a quick little video on the submissions from the included positions. So it's basically a positional primer that just sets you up to have to buy more videos from him. Not worth it for $15. Also, as Rickson Gracie has recently stated, it's time to bring self-defense back to the start of all BJJ curriculae. Skipping it in lieu of sportjitsu is just plain irresponsible.