Hydra - Amazing Photography

Hydra - Amazing Photography

By Creaceed SPRL

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2015-01-29
  • Current Version: 1.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.87 MB
  • Developer: Creaceed SPRL
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 442 Ratings


Hydra offers innovative photo capture technology, and lets you take beautiful pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions, which makes it a great companion to iOS Camera app. Hydra captures more light by merging up to 60 frames to make a single high-quality picture (less noise, more highlights/shadows) on iPhone and iPad. Hydra also goes beyond the 8-megapixel sensor limit, with up to 32-megapixel high-resolution images. It uses the latest evolutions of iPhone and iPad camera hardware, as well as the latest camera APIs and GPU rendering technologies. Hydra provides 5 specific capture modes: HDR, Video-HDR, Lo-light, Zoom, and Hi-res modes. • Hydra's High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode is based on an alternate method that captures up to 20 images and that is made to handle even the most difficult lighting conditions. • Video-HDR uses single-image tone mapping and device-specific sensor mode (iPhone 6) to create stunning videos. • Lo-light mode removes sensor noise by merging together multiple images and amplifying light by a factor of 10 to provide a better image quality. • Zoom mode uses real-time, super-resolution technique to recreate missing pixels from hand motion, producing 2x and 4x scale factors with more details than the standard digital zooming technique(*). • Hi-res mode produces up to 32MP images from the regular 8MP camera sensor, providing finer details in captured image(*). Hydra also features a photo gallery for reviewing images and their metadata, directly linked with built-in iOS photo album, thus avoiding duplicates and allowing to flag as favorites. (*) recommended for static & distant scenery. Rendering artifacts can occur for scenes with parallax and for moving subjects.



  • Dual Camera support?

    By Buurtt
    This app is amazing. I use the Low Light feature whenever it’s even slightly dim in my photos, and the reduced noise is unreal. However, we’ve had dual camera phones for over two years now, and no updates that take advantage of them? I’d love to see Hydra work its magic while using portrait mode!
  • Excellent app, but weird charge the next day.

    By Quickpaws
    The app is great! The photos are excellent. However, the day after I paid for this 4.99 app, a 13.90 charge appeared on my debit card for an Amazon Prime membership. A 4.99 charge never showed up on my banking info. I got it straightened out with Amazon, but be aware this could happen to you, too! Sounds like a bait and switch scheme.
  • Wow

    By cool guy dont tell no lie
    Okay so I never write reviews unless it’s for some bogus unlock in an app, but I’m writing this one because this is seriously the best camera app I’ve ever had, period. It has an extremely simple layout, and every shooting Option can produce gorgeous photos, none of them feel like just a thrown together “filler” mode, and if you follow the tips it’ll get even better from there. P.S. anyone who hasn’t already should see what happens when you take multiple photos of the same area/subject. The app doesn’t just mesh the frames it captures during one shoot. ;) (insanely powerful and smart application guys, no complaints.)
  • IPhone 7 Plus Worse Pictures with Hydra Zoom

    By S2DH
    I wanted use Hydra with the built in 2x zoom of my iPhone 7 Plus. Apparently instead of doing that, hydra removes my zoom (used the 1x zooms lens), takes its photos, then stitches together a higher res image that looks MUCH WORSE than a regular in 2x zoom image with the built in camera. Please guys! Let me use the built in 2x zoom on my phone, along with your tech to make the image sharper. Otherwise this a huge waste of money for an iPhone 7 Plus owner (or iPhone X owner).
  • Essential.

    By Whiteyditmore
    This is a great cam. One of my go - to. Easy to use and good quality shot.
  • Nope... no... no... no... nope!

    By StraitScoop
    Using this app on an iPhoneX... it just doesn’t deliver. I spent several days making direct tripod mounted shot comparisons with the standard iPhone camera app, several other camera apps, and this one. Hydra delivered the worst results. If you want the highest quality from your iPhoneX, shoot RAW and do your own post processing.
  • Amazing results on zoom

    By cyclista
    This is an amazing app, especially on the zoom mode. The other modes a good and useful but the zoom is amazing. But two things keep me from a 5 star. 1. Allow the preview to be zoomed so you can really frame the zoomed part. On the high zoom it can be hard to really frame the picture because it becomes so small in the picture that is shown. 2. And this is the real shame, please work with both cameras on X and Plus models. Phones with two cameras have been out for a couple of years now and plenty of apps can switch between both cameras. If I could choose the tele lens on my X and THEN do a 2x or 4x via their software, I think that would be REALLY amazing. If you have a phone with only one camera, this is really a great app. Until it can make use of the tele lens, it is not quite so useful on an X or Plus model.
  • Great Concept

    By pop-ups
    I'm really happy to see this type of app emerge. I would love to see the dynamic range increased for the 32mp photos, perhaps by doing a slight exposure bracket while capturing. Also the option to save as 32bit hdr file for processing on the computer would be awesome. I love it, keep up the great work!
  • Wish it had better control points

    By roamingmatt
    I wanted to like the hi-res mode, I really did. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a very good job of stitching source images together. What this means is that if there is slight movement while taking a photo there is a lot of distortion in the image. Think like blurring from long shutter timing, except instead of nice trails, you get jittery ghosting. Still, it’s a cool idea. Hopefully the developer will build better handling of control points soon. Otherwise I wouldn’t use this again without a tripod...
  • Not a great camera

    By Hdidjejeowdi
    The settings it has are very limited, and the ones it does have are not that great. The low-light doesn’t appear any different than the normal camera, and the ‘32mp’ is doubtfully that quality. Zooming in to the max doesn’t appear any different from a normal photo.