Lionheart: Dark Moon

Lionheart: Dark Moon

By Emerald City Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 250.94 MB
  • Developer: Emerald City Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,767 Ratings


Pick up and play this brand new mobile RPG with stunning graphics and animation! Build your powerful army of heroes from a wide variety of amazing characters and beasts! Fight through strategic and story-driven battles as you collect pets, gems and potions to defeat the Shard of Whispers and drive away the Darkness! Return to the beautiful, fascinating and dangerous world of Lionheart in Dark Moon! Every hero has their story. Collect them all and unleash their power as you fight your way to victory! The Vaultkeeper has fallen and the Darkness is returning. It’s time for his grandchildren, Timothy and Natalia, to embark on an epic journey to collect Keys and free legendary heroes to join you in battle. Return to worlds encountered in Lionheart Tactics and explore new ones, from the mystic forests of the Tumbledowns to the blistering sands of Ibrim. Take on fearsome bosses, like Koscha the Deathless and the terrible Frog King, as you fight not only to survive but to save the very fabric of the world! A network connection is required to play. ************************************************************************************ ▶ [OVER 100 AWESOME HEROES TO COLLECT!] Beautifully animated 3D heroes fill this gorgeous world. Collect Rose Elf archers, Human mages, Centaur Warriors, Bears, Bugs, Birds and many more awesome and varied races! ▶ [ENGAGING AND FUN BATTLE SYSTEM] Unleash friendship combos and charge-up skills. Freeze enemies, wrap them in vines or light them on fire! Fight up to 4 vs 4 heroes in thrilling turn-based battles! ▶ [POWER UP WITH PETS, SKILLS AND POTIONS] Find rare and legendary pets which assist your heroes in battle. Collect gems to unlock new and powerful skills. Gather Hero Tokens to rank up your level up and become stronger! ▶ [BATTLE THE WORLD IN THE ARENA] Fight through weekly tournaments to take on your friends and rivals as you aim for the top spot in the world! Weekly prizes based on your rank! ▶ [AND MUCH MORE!] Complete daily quests, build your collection and dive into the epic backstory of LIONHEART: DARK MOON. ************************************************************************************ Visit our website @ Contact us @



  • Boring

    By Mizogucci
    It’s neat to watch my midnight bear do infinite skill ups while never doing any damage. Auto attack is useless and this game is very forgettable.
  • Great potential, but big shortcomings

    By OnEMesSduPKiD
    I think this game has tons of potential and I thoroughly enjoy playing it when “I’m able to”. But you are locked beyond significant pay walls and the grind to level up characters and advance is very early in the game. After a couple days i was stuck simulating the same battle over and over again for underwhelming rewards. I figure maybe in a couple weeks I’ll be able to finish the next story mission in the 7-mission chapter in the dozen or so chapters of the story.
  • Buggy

    By Meutant
    This game was very enjoyable to play for the first ten minutes I was able to actually play. I ran into a game breaking bug in the tutorial in which you are instructed to drag a key to a spot on the screen to unlock a new character yet I am completely unable to drag the key due to some bug. Each time I reopen the game I am taken right back to this tutorial step, unable to complete with absolutely no work around, no way to advance, 100% game breaking.
  • Grind grind grind or spend spend spend.

    By Eyernally12
    The progression in this game is awful. Be prepared to grind for weeks in between each “world”. And the PvP is terrible, since the last patch, I went from from about a 50/50 win/loss ratio to zero wins for the last two weeks.
  • Great potential

    By K2iperse123
    It is a great game and truly gives you an experience. Unfortunately developer is super-creedy... I mean I have spent 7$ on the game and kinda regret it, in order to have great time playing the game and actually progress you end up with tons of farming. It would take +500$ in order to have anywhere near chance to get good set up with the champs. Upgrades are ridiculously high... When you have 30 legendary champions and you can upgrade their skill (mostly have 5-6 upragdes) then in comparison you need to win weekly arena challenge (they have different tiers and of course the highest one) in order to get the gold for the update, 30 000 and on top of that you need 360 freaking small gems... Over the 1,5 months I have played this and mostly every single day I still haven't gathered 360 gems... This is insane developer FIX YOUR UPGRADE RATIOS. I understand that you are tryig to make money but this is just f**** irritating when you need to grind weeks in order to get 1 freaking update...
  • Game dead. Do not play.

    By kwolftw
    Game is now dead. Do not play. No longer supported by devs. ————————————————————— I’m editing my review below because the game is loooong over due for a bug & balance update. There are so many game breaking balance bugs that are not being addressed. Both PVE and PVP are broken due to Vanish/Corrupt/Crit problems. Right now, a second update seems very far away. First update was in the right direction, but it seems we gave a DEV team that’s to small to support a good cadence for updates. ————————————————————— This is a fun game. I’m willing to throw some money at the game and it’s very fun and rewarding to do so. The latest update shows that the developers are listening to the community. Lots of great energy changes so you can play longer and earn energy along the way. Graphics are great. Sound is excellent. There is a little bit of a grind at times when you need to improve, but even that can be fun. It’s cool to be able to build multiple teams and go over the same levels with new characters and build them up too. pvp is fun and rewarding. The only thing I would like to see added is some more reliable way to be able to advance higher quality characters. There is no real way to reliable get from epic to legendary at this point. Even if I wanted to spend $$$, you would have to buy so many keys, it would be impossible. There needs to be a targeted advancement model. Some RNG is fine, but too much is discouraging. All up, get this game. Super fun experience.
  • Leveling is sloooooooow

    By Noguri44
    A decent game but not a lot of content. The devs make up for that by adding lots and lots of grind. There is probably less than eight hours of real gameplay here artificially lengthened to days.
  • Prettiest game you’ll never play

    By aem680
    Game looks beautiful but unfortunately most will never play because of the scarce energy and the cost to refill is to high.
  • could be a five star but...

    By divinejustice
    this game has a great battle system, awesome animations and character models, but theres a huge problem holding it back- to get a good enough team to progress even HALFWAY through EASY mode, you would need to spend at least a couple hundred dollars, or grind for two months because of this games insidious progression and unlock system. you get keys to summon pretty frequently, but after using hundreds of keys, i have never drawn a single unit above very rare, even after you unlock a character, to make them usable, you’ll need several dupes to raise their rarity and unlock moves. i even spent a decent amount of money on the game and cant even progress through easy mode. its a cool game with abysmal drop rates and even if you spend $, you dont get a return on your investment, its a shame.
  • Smh. Great game. Severe power level difference.

    By CirocKing
    I have a screenshot of how drastic the power differences are. And i can’t fight in the arena until i grind for the rest of my ever loving life to try and get to LEVEL FREAKIN 10. Before i can actually fight successfully and not LOSE EVERY MATCH I TRY. I’ve literally lost over 200 trophies because y’all decided to pit me against level tens while I’m still level 8.